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What is the Caliper Personality Assessment Test

What is the Caliper Personality Assessment Test?

Moving into a new career field can be difficult. Not only is the employee going to have a difficult transition, but so will the employer. The Caliper Personality Assessment Test aims to ensure that an employee’s personality meets the ideals of the company they are applying for. This is a test that measures a person’s personality and is often given during interviews or recruitment’s. Unfortunately, this is not a test where a person can simply cram the night away and pass it with flying colors. Instead, this is a test that will depict exactly what type of worker a person is.

The Test

The test itself is aimed at one thing – your personality. The test will try to determine how a person will fit into a job based on the profile that has been completed. These profiles are going to assess a person to ensure that they have what it takes to help a company move forward. Some of the key points of the profile will be seen within the Caliper terms.

Abstract Reasoning
This will indicate an employee that can figure out tasks without much interaction from management. These are the ideal candidates seen in training programs and easily excel at anything they do.

This trait is great for team members that need to work with others. These individuals want to be liked and will always be understanding.

This is a trait that needs to be looked at with caution. Too much aggression can lead to temperament issues. However, the right amount of aggression can lead to managerial roles.

Comfortable and assertive. This personality will be confident in their opinions and will not show anger. They are straightforward.

These are evaluators that fit great in human resource roles. They will measure and analyze to ensure tasks are achieved adequately.

These are workers that want recognition. They are not necessarily aggressive, but they want to be thanked for the work they accomplish.

Those that need to be told when they are wrong are great if they have ego-strength. They can learn from criticism and will be better because of it.

These are the perfect individuals that are needed with customer relations. They are empathetic to problems and can view them from another person’s perspective.

There are a plethora of other traits that are available and certain roles are better filled when a person exhibits the right traits. If a person is to rely on this test, Caliper will provide a guarantee on the accuracy of their results.

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