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What is the Average American Commute Time to Work

What is the Average American Commute Time to Work

Does the Commute Make Your Job Profitable?

If you’ve got a job within a major metropolitan area and you’ve got to take public transportation to work, did you know that your average commute time is going to be an hour or longer almost a quarter of the time? Over 8% of commuters have a job that requires them to travel more than 60 minutes every day to work! The major contributor to this commute? Having to live outside of a metropolitan area because of financial concerns while having a job that is inside that city. Not only are commutes long, but the traffic on these roads is also the heaviest. It lends to an important question: are you losing money in that job of yours?

More People Drive Alone

Even with carpooling, public transportation, and even rail transportation as commuting options today, more drivers are still driving by themselves to work. It might be because there is no one at their job who lives near them or it could be because they like the time by themselves, but with gas hovering around $4 per gallon in much of the United States, the cost of driving alone is getting much larger. Even at just $0.50 per mile, a 60 minute commute that encompasses 50 miles will cost $50 per day in fuel and maintenance on an individual vehicle. If you’re job in the city pays you $140 per day, then you’ve cleared $90. For many people, they are finding that once the commute is subtracted from their wages, just as much money can be made at home.

Work At Home Options Are Up

There are plenty of work-at-home opportunities available today. Some companies offer telecommuting opportunities that would reduce the amount of commutes required. For some occupations, starting a home-based business could bring in an equal amount of money when compared to a salary that is obtained from a long commute. Some workers are even driving in-between states to work at their job! Internet opportunities abound right now, which means if you’ve got a long commute, it makes sense to take a few moments to evaluate all of your options.

Consider Closer Options

The majority of people today have a commute that is between 10-19 minutes long. A lucky few have an even shorter commute than that! If you are stuck on a nightmare commute, it may be worthwhile to consider closer options. It may require an initial expense, but you’ll make that cost up in the long term by saving money on every commute. A 60 mile commute that was halved to a 30 mile commute, for example, would save a commuter $30 every day, or up to $7,800 per year, in expenses. Sometimes a long commute has to be done… but it may not need to be.

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