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What are the Melancholy Personality Traits

What are the Melancholy Personality Traits

The melancholy personality is one that fits into many people’s lives. With this personality, a person normally has to have everything to their likes and they simply want to be perfect and enjoy some quality alone time. These are independent individuals that take advantage of life, but normally let their idea of perfection get in the way.

Alone Time is Important

The melancholy person is not opposed to spending time with others, but they often crave alone time as well. More often than not, they will find themselves drained of energy when they spend a night out with their friends. These individuals would much rather spend a night reading a book in a quiet place rather than deal with conflicting personalities.

Everything Just Right

Melancholic people need to have everything just right. When a task is to be done, they will take their time and ensure that there is no detail left to the imagination. This relates greatly back to their introverted side because they often find solace in doing tasks on their own. It is not that they are not team players, but they always want to ensure that everything is done right and in an organized manner.

Emotionally Sensitive

Emotions run wild with this personality and being upset about world events or other events that do not concern them is common. While they will keep quiet about these affairs, it can often lead to depression or isolation. Tragedies or cruelty that spans the world will have a major impact on this personality and they will have many internal struggles to understand why such occurrences take place.

Team Leaders

While melancholy personality traits are not ideal for a person being a team member, these individuals often find themselves in leadership roles. They are perfectionists which allows them to get tasks done in an efficient manner and without fault. Not only are they perfectionists, but they are also task driven and must follow a plan to get things done. When something goes amiss, they will have no problem with stepping into a role to fill it.

The Melancholic personality is one that is very particular and diverse. While this personality may seem shy on the outside, they are rather friendly when they have a good balance. While procrastination can cause them to linger on projects, once they get started, they are very driven to reach their goals. When praise is given for their work, they typically accept it with grace.

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