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Trade Show Checklist: 29 Trade Show Tips and Strategies

Trade Show Checklist: 29 Trade Show Tips and Strategies

Tradeshow Booth Etiquette Best Practices

Here we will discuss how to hold a successful tradeshow by examining the best practices for booth staff to engage and interact with the potential customers. Did you know that 85% of a company’s success hinges on its staff? Appearance, brand knowledge, gestures and things to avoid are just a few things you will want to go over with your employees.


Appearance is the first step to success. Most staff will not have to be specifically instructed that personal grooming habits and appearance are important. When staff are representing a business, it is obvious that each individual’s looks should remain neat and uniform. Amiable smiles should be seen all around. Name tags will enhance the feeling of friendliness for potential clients and customers.


Ensuring that staff thoroughly grasp the brand concept is also essential. Consistency is vital: all staff should be instructed to speak as if they were an embodiment of the company. Staff should not hesitate to give out web addresses and printed materials so that your brand can be carried home with potential consumers. Staff should be accustomed to booth location to prevent valuable time being wasted.


Incorporating new and interesting information into your exhibit can instill in booth attendees the inclination to buy. Also, think about what size your potential audience should be and attempt to maintain a proportionate number of on duty staff at all times. Remember: staff engagement can make the difference between success and failure!


Staff enthusiasm is crucial to exhibit success. Eye contact and friendly gestures such as hand shaking can create a sense of trust between staff and attendees. Instruct staff to pay attention to their posture and to be aware of what they are doing with their hands. Typically it is best to keep hands either at one’s sides or folded behind the back. Staff should listen much more than they talk in order to create a personal rapport with attendees.

Coordinate and Engage

Remember to have a manager on duty at all times. Designating particular locations to each staff member ensures the best coverage for your exhibit. Staff should mind exhibit boundaries and maintain a clean, functional booth at all times. Gum chewing, fidgeting with hands and having hands in pockets should be discouraged. Cell phone calls, chatting with other staff and folding arms across chest should be forbidden.

Staff should be made aware that attendees are generally not going to initiate engagement. As part of tradeshow booth etiquette best practices, staff should be ready at all times with a smile and a message. A last word of advice: organize a pre-exhibit planning meeting with staff in addition to a post-exhibit feedback session. Never forget to keep a professional demeanor at all times!

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