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Top Ten Grossing Android Apps


Android Applications are Great Applications

This article explains how Android took over the world by storm. Presently, there are over 300 million Android Smart Phones across the globe with 850,000 activated on a daily basis. On Google play, there are over 450,000 android based applications. On the App store, 47% of apps are designed for android devices, 43% are for apple, and mainly for app development and 10% are for other platforms. For android apps, there is a onetime registration fee of $10, which features apps in other stores and up to 70% in revenue can be earned from sales. For apple app stores, there is an annual $90 fee.

Statistics has shown that with respect to app usage, 43% are of the top 10 apps while 61% are of the top 50 apps. 27% of all apps are games, 21% are for businesses while 20% are productivity based applications. The game angry birds is played by 35% of 35-44 years old in the last 30 days.

Top 10 Android Apps

1. Rage of Bahamut – Free
2. Zynga Poker – Free
3. Live Holdem Poka Pro – Free
4. Tap Fish – Free
5. Slotomania – Free
6. Defender II – Free
7. Slot City – Slot Machines – Free
8. Draw Something – $1.99
9. Tiny Village – Free
10. Smurfs’ Village – Free

It has been discovered that for every 10 apps, 9 are free while 5 are simulated casinos.


For every 5 persons, 4 makes use of Facebook for Android devices and this transforms to 58.8 million daily users and 86.1 million monthly users. About 350 million Facebook users accesses Facebook from mobile devices. Within a month, Facebook app for android is accessed 68% of the month while Facebook app for apple is access 58% of the month

Instagram sold for $1 billion, this makes it the most expensive application ever bought. It is worthy of note that Instagram has only 13 full time employees while as at 12th June, 2011, for each passing second, 10 pictures were uploaded to Instagram. It has been discovered that the best place to be is Android.

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