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Top 9 Preschool Fundraising Ideas

Preschools host fundraising events throughout the year to help offset the costs of providing a high quality education to young students. Although parents often have to pay tuition for their child to attend preschool, the cost of tuition is typically not enough to cover the cost of the resources the school needs. Parents, faculty and children are all encouraged to do their part and help raise money. Here are some great preschool fundraising ideas that you and your school can try this year.

Toy Sale

A toy sale is a simple but effective way to raise money for your child’s preschool. Ask parents to donate any used or unwanted toys at the beginning and the middle of the school year. Put the toys up for sale in the beginning and end of the year. Not only will this help parents get rid of their child’s old toys, but it will also help raise some money for the class.

Crowdfunding Websites

There are several crowdfunding websites that allow you to reach out the community and raise the money you need. These sites allow you to create a free account, but some will have restrictions. For example, there are some sites that do not allow personal fundraising. Most will require a processing fee, but these allow you to reach out to a much larger audience. This means that you can raise more money than you would simply fundraising in your local community.

Casino Night

Host a casino night for parents at a donated venue. There are so many ways to raise money with this event, including:

• Raffles/Auctions
• Ticket sales
• Concessions
• Drink sales
• Table sponsorship

Table sponsors will help cover the cost of each table at the “casino.” Most casino night fundraisers also include a raffle or an auction. If you plan on doing this as well, you will need to reach out to local businesses and ask for prize donations.

This type of event can be a major success and raise quite a bit of money, but there are some things that you need to consider. For starters, you will need a large team of volunteers to help you plan, organize and execute the event. You will also need to get in touch with your local Attorney General’s office or the State Gaming Commission to make sure that you are following the laws and regulations.

Fall Festival

Host a fun fall festival to raise money for your preschool. During the event, you can sell pumpkins, refreshments, offer hay rides and even host a special raffle. Gift baskets are great to raffle off, and you can even have the children put them together themselves. Give each basket a theme and ask parents to donate an item to the basket. As for refreshments, you can sell hot apple cider, donuts, coffee, caramel apples and other fall-themed treats.

Silent Auction

Silent auctions are the tried-and-true way to raise money. Try hosting yours at a local county fair to gain more exposure and more donors. If a local fair is out of the question, you can host your own carnival/fair at the school. Set up fun games for kids to play, offer food and drinks and make sure that you have plenty of great items for parents to bid on. Ask businesses and the local community to donate items to auction off.

Volunteer at a Local Retailer

Large retailers, like Kohl’s, have special programs where groups can volunteer to work during the busy season. All money earned will be paid to the preschool. Tasks are usually simple, like bagging merchandise or working in the stock room. The holiday season is the best time to take advantage of this fundraising opportunity.

Host a “Thon”

“Thons” are popular fundraisers and are usually quite successful. The concept is simple enough: Sponsors pledge to donate a certain amount of money, or participants must raise a certain amount of money in order to participate. If you were to host a “hop-a-thon,” for example, a sponsor may donate $0.50 per hop. During the event, parents would count the number of hops the child did, and the sponsor would make a donation. In the case of something like a “dance-a-thon” or “walk-a-thon,” you can have each participant raise a certain amount of money in order to be able to dance or walk.

Sell Entertainment Books or Gift Wrap

Entertainment books are always a huge hit and generate quite a bit of profit for the school. In fact, each book yields $6. These books are filled with coupons that parents can use in local restaurants, retailers and service providers. Companies like Sally Foster also offer schools the opportunity to sell gift wrap to raise money. This is a popular fundraiser during the holiday season.

McTeacher Night

McDonald’s has a McTeacher Night program that can help you raise money for your preschool. The fast food chain will donate a portion of the evening’s profits to a local school. Get in touch with local McDonald’s restaurants to find out if any participate in the program. This is a great way to raise money in a passive way.

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