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The Man’s Guide to Dressing Sharp


Style is constantly transforming and changing, which results in it always meaning something different to be on par with the latest trends. In the modern age of style, men are opting for a dapper look that is refined and tailored. However, how do you achieve this level of style in the modern age?

What Does It Mean To Have A Tailored Look?

A tailored look exudes class and looks well put together, but what does it actually consist of? A tapered jacket is a staple of dapper style, because it fits the shape of your body perfectly. The cuffs of a tailored suit should fall just before your wrist and less than an inch of your long sleeve shirt should poke through. Another component of tailored style involves buttons and pant length. Having a jacket with two low buttons will immediately have a slimming effect on your shape. It is also stylish to opt for pant length that falls just at the tops of your dress shoes. This will allow for a slim fit and a more polished overall look. A tailored suit simply looks well put together and makes you look your best.

What Fabric For The Season?

Being dapper is about knowing what works for each season. The fabric that you wear should evolve over time during the year. Wool is ideal for all seasons, but flannel should be strictly worn during the winter months. Cotton is a versatile fabric option that is great for spring, summer and fall, but linen is only stylish during the summer months. Following this seasonal fabric guide will keep you from making a major style mistake.

Knowing the difference from casual, formal, cocktail and daytime attire is half the battle of looking your best:

What Is Casual Attire?

Casual attire usually consists of a suit jacket, shirt and dress pants without a tie. You can also opt for a tuxedo jacket and a patterned shirt without a tie for a more distinct look that stands out.

What Is Cocktail Attire?

Cocktail attire is a type of formal attire that includes a suit jacket, shirt, tie, trousers and a waist coat. Formal attire is similar to cocktail attire, but often includes a bow tie in place of a regular tie.

What is Daytime Event Attire?

If you are going to an event during the day, you should opt for a combination of a shirt, blazer and fitted dress pants.

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