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Top 5 Reasons Why Employees Quit


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Here are the important takeaways to remember from this infographic…

1) Your boss does not trust you.
Whether or not your boss is trusting you has a lot to do with your age. For example, those between the ages of 18-29 are less likely to be annoyed if their boss does not trust them. This may be in part because of their age and newness to the field they are working in. In addition, those over 45 years of age do not mind a boss not trusting them either. This may be because they are confident in their own abilities. However, for those between the ages of 30 and 44, not having the trust of your boss can be a deal breaker. In addition, not feeling empowered by their boss is one reason why many people in this age range look elsewhere for employment.

2) You are expected to work during off-time.
Those above the age of 45 are significantly more accepting when it comes to doing work during off hours or during the weekends. However, for those under 45, the idea of working overtime is much less tolerable. These individuals are at a higher risk of leaving their job for another.

3) You have difficulty working with coworkers.
A hostile work environment benefits no one. Despite a great deal of time and effort going into human services, there are still those people who are nearly impossible to work with. Whether they are passive aggressive, down right confrontational, or there is something else, continuing to work with them may not be possible. As a result, an increasing number of people are leaving their position because of difficult to work with team, coworker, or boss.

4) Your boss blames you for mistakes.
One of the greatest reasons why people leave a position is if their boss makes them the scapegoat for the office. While this may be result of a sub-standard employee, it can also occur when a boss is looking for someone else to blame for their own mistakes. In addition to being blamed for mistakes, not being recognized for success can have the same effect. Being undervalued and not appreciated will cause people to leave their job in search of a new one.

5) Your work is not flexible.
When you do not find your work flexible enough, there is an increase chance that you will look for work elsewhere. This is especially true for two groups of people, those who are younger in the workplace and those who have higher degrees of education. More often then not, both of these groups will seek out activities and tasks that help them grow in their own experience. When their job does not offer the same degree of flexibility, they will often try searching elsewhere for a position that allows personal growth and the flexibility to choose the assignments most rewarding to them.

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