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Top 5 PTO Fundraising Ideas

Every year PTOs need to raise money for their school and events. These organizations will dedicate an immense amount of time to fundraising so that they can always ensure they have the means for their next big event. Let’s take a look at a few PTO fundraising ideas that will be sure to get your creative juices flowing and earn a lot of money in the process.

1. Community BBQ

A BBQ is a perfect way to get families together that would normally be in separate rooms or doing their own thing. Since many kids will want to go, this boosts attendance of a BBQ greatly. Furthermore, it is also possible for people to mingle which is never a bad idea.

All of the best tasting foods should be included from hamburgers and hotdogs to sausage patties. This is normally when a PTO will fail to make profit. Let’s face the facts, food is rather expensive. Walking into your local supermarket will cut your profits down to practically nothing.

Local farmers are the key to success. Typically, they will have unsold stock and be able to sell you food for much cheaper. This allows the group to save a ton of money on food and make an immense profit in return.

These BBQs can bring in $500 – $10,000 depending on the turnout. Oftentimes, this will be something that takes a few years to really get going. Having this be an annual event will bring in a massive amount of money in just a few short years.

2. Duck Races

Have you ever seen a duck race before? Many people have always wanted to see two ducks race each other to the finish line. This is something that turns out to be a huge money maker and is quite simple to setup.

There are two distinct ways to get these races started. This includes real ducks that will be left to their own devices, or racing rubber ducks in a river.

The latter has proven to be ultra-successful as every participant has to buy a duck from the organization. With this, it is possible to make thousands of dollars even in a small community.

The winner will be crowned this year’s champion and no one in town will forget the event.

3. Carnivals

Townspeople will get together to join in on your cause. This is something that is somewhat surprising to most people. By asking local talents to help you setup a carnival, you will have a platform wherein a lot of money is directly donated to you.

Carnivals can be setup at parks or schools and tend to work great. The goal is to have games, entertainment and even a petting zoo. The latter can be setup by asking the local farmer to come and showcase some of their livestock. Cows and sheep are often enough to entice people to come.

Local magicians or clowns may also provide their services for free. With a small admissions fee, you will find that a carnival is able to bring in donations and provide a great social outlet for the community.

4. Lemonade Stand

Elementary schools are the perfect choice for an old fashion lemonade stand. These stands are very effective during school concerts or events wherein a lot of people will be attending.

The goal is to setup the stand in a spot that no one can miss. Obviously, you must practice safety. With a little help from some students, you will find that the event is a big success. If the day is particularly hot, your chances of success will increase greatly.

The only issue with a lemonade stand is now the legality of it. Some cities have been known to close a kid’s lemonade stand because they do not have a license to sell food. While this may just be one ridiculous circumstance, it is definitely one that has happened before.

If you are not allowed to sell lemonade, inquire about setting up a concession stand. There is usually a bit of leeway when you sell goods that have not been opened.

5. Costume Contest

Starting off the year with a contest is always great. Right around Halloween, there can be a costume party that will be sure to bring numerous contestants from the community together.

Not only can kids join in on the fun, but so can their parents or other attendees. Perhaps the winner will receive a gift card from a local store that has been donated for the event. Ideally, there will be a gift given for first and second place.

If you would rather keep humans out of the contest, a popular choice is a dog’s costume party. This might sound silly, but people love dressing their dog up for just such an occasion. Not only is this an event that is funny, but it is one that is very easy to promote.

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