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Review of the Cellairis Franchise Opp and Startup Costs

Started by three college friends right after their graduation in the year 2000, the very first Cellairis location sold cell phone accessories. It was just 30 days later that their second location was opened and their story has been one of explosive growth ever since. With the support of family and friends, new locations continued to open over the next 6 years until more than two dozen kiosks and storefronts were in operation.

In just 7 years of franchising, another 600+ locations have opened up around the world, although a vast majority of them are in the United States. They are a flexible franchise that allows kiosk operations, a traditional storefront, or a stand alone location and instead of representing other manufacturer’s products solely, Cellairis affiliates now tend to sell a majority of internally produced products. It’s a recognized name selling needed covers and other accessories for cell phones. That equates to an outstanding franchising opportunity!

How Much Does It Cost To Become a Cellairis Franchisee?

The initial franchising fees are variable and are based on a number of different factors, including the type of storefront that is wanted, the size of the store itself, and the location that is desired. Despite the variability, however, the initial franchise fee falls in the range of $7,500 to $25,000. A net worth of $150,000 to $300,000 is also mandatory, again being variable based on the factors that are listed above. Cash liquidity, no matter what the business profile of a potential franchisee may be, is $50,000 at minimum.

The required royalty is also lower than the industry average at 3%.

Owner absenteeism is allowed under this franchise agreement and is actually quite common with this franchise opportunity. 3 out of every 4 owners, in fact, are not operators of their franchise. Training is available at the company’s headquarters for three weeks and then there is also a week of training at the chosen franchise location. Considering Cellairis is ranked as one of the fastest growing and one of the best franchise opportunities available today, the investment is par for the course and the chance at profits are extremely high.

Cellairis Provides No Financing Assistance

Cellairis is looking for franchisees whom are financially independent at this moment in time. They’re not requiring millions of dollars of net worth, but they are looking for qualified applicants who have a history of business success and aren’t carrying a load of debt. If financing is required to meet the investment stipulations, third party financing is required as Cellairis provides no financial assistance whatsoever.

Because this franchise primarily markets toward the younger age groups with purchasing power, the primary traits that are looked for in potential franchisees is creativity and innovation. By being a fashion-forward organization that can make mobile phones and other cellular equipment look attractive, multiple units are often purchased at a time, given franchisees multiple business opportunities per customer.

Cellairis Is Expanding Beyond Accessories As Well

Seeing that the cell phone market has been becoming more specialized and the equipment more fragile, Cellairis has begun moving into the phone repair market as well. With the extensive glass touch screens that cover today’s phones, all it takes is one fall for that screen to fracture and break. Covers are intended to take one good fall and then be replaced as well.

Franchisees who take on these cell phone repair responsibilities not only get another option of revenue generation, but they’re also providing a much needed service. Because phones can cost as much as a laptop, a broken phone needs to be repaired – especially if insurance or warranties aren’t part of the equation. The accessories that are in-stock also provide additional sales when a repair is required, giving franchisees more sales opportunities as well.

The Speed of Incoming Revenue Is the Primary Benefit

Cellairis offers a much faster time from conception to a grand opening than other typical franchise opportunities. If the decision is to open a kiosk-style of business, then from the time of signing on as a franchisee to the time of opening the kiosk can be as little as 30 days. Most kiosks are opened within 90 days of becoming a franchisee. Even standalone stores can become a realization in less than 6 months and best of all, a store generally needs just 4 employees to function properly.

Speed is one advantage and a proven business model is the second. Cellairis has grown every year in its 12 years of existence because there is no other national franchise competition within this market. You may have local competitors representing national brands, but there is no other competitor that can establish the profit margins, the product variety, or the brand name recognition in any market that Cellairis can provide.

Combined with the smaller than normal franchise fees and royalties, it is easy to see why 90% of the franchisees that are approved by Cellairis decide to open up at least two locations. Add in the outstanding ongoing support that Cellairis provides its franchisees and the low overall overheads and the ability to make money can happen in the very first year.

You Also Gain Access To Better Buying Power

Because Cellairis is a national brand with a massive presence, its distribution network and buying power for products works to the franchisee’s advantage. With better margins available, Cellairis franchisees can often sell the same products as local competitors for a lower retail price, yet still make more per product in profit than their local competition. Combine that with corporate support in advertising, graphic design, and celebrity endorsements and the investment as a franchisee can quickly pay dividends.

If you’re looking for an affordable franchise opportunity that offers quality products at quality prices to a young demographic that often has plenty of money to spend, then Cellairis is a viable option. Test your market to see its viability and begin the conversation today to see if becoming a Cellairis franchisee is right for you!

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