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Top 25 Most Popular YouTube Channels


Top 25 Engaged Channels On YouTube

A study was performed by Social TV provider SimulTV to identify the 25 YouTube channels that engaged most of the audience. The top channels are as followers:

First Place
Venomextreme with an average of 315 on the mutual mind engagement score.

Second Place
RaywilliamJohnson with an average of 309 on the mutual mind engagement score.

Third Place
Smosh with an average of 302 on the mutual mind engagement score.

Fourth Place
Pewdiepie with an average of 292 on the mutual mind engagement score.

Fifth Place
Machinimarespawn with an average of 283 on the mutual mind engagement score.

Venomextreme, a gaming channel which has approximately 1.6 million viewers and 9.6 million likes. RaywilliamJohnson is a comedy channel with an average of 8.6 million viewers and 21.3 million likes. Smosh is a channel dedicated to shows and has an average of 9.6 million viewers with 18.8 million positive views. Pewdiepie is a gaming channel with about 7.5 million viewers and 41 million positive reviews. Machinimarespawn is another gaming channel with about 2.54 million viewes and 17 million positive reviews.

It can be seen that the social engagement of the channel is not increased by the number of subscribers, vlogger, gamers, and webisode creators that have accumulated over 354 million likes and over 20 million viewers. Gaming channels comprise about 40% of the top 25 engaged while Justin Bieber and Pink were the other two vevo channels that made it to the top 25. Television, brand, film, and music made up six of the top 25 channels.

Of these channels, most of them post new contents twice every week which reflects the vision of the poster. The creators of these contents are active on social media. Most of them use links directly related to their social media account while majority of them use playlists extensively.

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