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Top 14 Fundraising Ideas for Cub Scouts

Cub Scout packs often need to raise money for supplies and trips. While parents contribute money to the pack, fundraising can help ease the financial burden of parents and pack leaders. Below are some great fundraising ideas for cub scouts.

Sell Candy Bars

Selling candy bars is one of the most profitable and simple ways to raise money for your pack. Partner with a vender that offers fundraising candy, and have members of the pack sell the bars door-to-door. Ask for permission from local businesses to set up a table outside of the store and sell candy. This fundraiser can be especially profitable if you have a large pack.

Cub Scout Christmas Tree Recycling

Offer a Christmas tree recycling service after the Christmas holiday. Advertise the service through flyers, word-of-mouth and creative advertisements. Charge a fee for each tree, and have pack members help pick up the trees.

Recycling Drive

Set up a collection bin to collect cans and other recyclable materials. Bring the items to a local recycling plant and collect your reward. In addition to a collection bin, you can also have your pack collect cans from local parks. Not only will this generate more money for your pack, but you will also be doing your part to help the environment.

Car Wash

Host a car wash to raise money for your pack. Get permission to host the event in a large town parking lot. Charge a fee for each car. A higher fee can be charged for SUV’s. Sell concessions, like hot dogs and soda, to raise more money. The key to success is to advertise the event well. Ask the business if you can advertise the event in-store.

Sell Chairs

Have each pack member build and decorate a chair. Allow them to be as creative as they want with their design. The materials needed to build the chairs are inexpensive, which will help yield a nice profit. Sell the chairs at a local flea market or garage sale.

Fall Festival

Host a fall festival at a donated venue. Organize a hay ride, set up games, host a pumpkin carving contest and sell concessions. Feel free to make the festival as big or small as your budget allows. Charge an admission fee for the festival and the concessions. Ask local vendors to donate items for a silent auction and food items.

Yard Cleanup Services

Have your pack offer yard cleanup services in exchange for a donation. This is the ideal fundraiser for fall and spring when homeowners are spending more time on yard work. Most will be more than happy to pay your pack to do the hard work for them. Pack members can go door-to-door offering services, or you can advertise.


Host a bazaar during the holiday season. Use donated space, such as a school gym, to set up the bazaar. Charge a fee for vendors to rent a booth. Sell concessions to shoppers to earn more money. Have fun games and activities for kids to keep them occupied while parents do the shopping.


Host a yearly luncheon and serve soup and sandwiches. Work with a local restaurant to host the event, or have parents donate soup and sandwiches to serve. Charge a fee for each plate. You can also hold a raffle or a dessert auction during the luncheon.

Gift Basket Auction

Gift basket auctions are always a huge success. Have your pack members put together themed baskets to auction off. Host the auction in a school gym or cafeteria. Sell concessions during the auction and set up a donation box.

Art Auction

Have pack members create artwork that will be auctioned off. Couple the auction with a spaghetti fundraiser to generate a higher profit. Advertise the event through the local school, flyers and word-of-mouth. Charge an admission fee, and make sure that the fee covers the cost of the dinner. Proceeds from the auction sales will go to the pack.

Family Photo Sessions

Reach out to local photographers and ask for their help with a family photo session fundraiser. The photographer donates their time and services, and gains exposure in the process. Families pay a fee for the session, while the photographer earns a profit from selling prints.

Restaurant Fundraising Night

Partner with a local restaurant to host a fundraising night. Advertise the event to attract more customers. Split the profits with the restaurant to raise money for your pack. Don’t forget to set up a donation bucket as well. Many big chain restaurants have special fundraising programs, but a small local restaurant many also be willing to help.

Sell Food Items

Food sales are a surefire way to raise money. No matter whether you’re selling pizza, hoagie sandwiches, donuts, bagels, cupcakes or pies, selling food items can raise a lot of money for your pack. Contact local restaurants and bakeries to see if any would be willing to donate food or offer food at a discounted rate. You can sell the food during other events or in the school (with permission). The holiday season is a great time to host an event like a bake sale or a pie sale.

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