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Top 12 SEO Methods for Businesses


Running a company or webpage through online is sometimes difficult, especially if you are finding it hard to find customers or visitors. The internet is expanding past its already gigantic size, and with this fact, many web pages are going unheard of due to this expansion in size of the internet.

While some web pages and businesses have decided to forfeit, in which the costs of running a web page are no longer worth it to actively pursue, other websites have relied on SEO techniques, in which they will try to earn top spots into popular search engines like Google or Bing. By appearing higher up on the search end lists, these webpages will be visited more frequently, which will allow for more visitors.

Here are some key insights to remember from this infographic…

1) Build A Better Reputation.
While this may be hard for those who have a strict budget, if you want to expand your web presence by SEO, make sure your website has some reputation. Your reputation can be “buffed up” in many ways, some of which are free of cost. The most simple of options is to upload videos on sites like Break and Youtube, which will allow you to explain what your business is without the need to pay for advertising. Search engines usually rank websites with engaging and fresh content higher up on results, as this sites usually have good online reputations.

2) Know What Words Matter.
Your web page title and topic descriptions play a huge role in where your website will rank up in the search results. By having clear and defined titles like “Car Repair” or “Video Game Trade In” your websites will generally be higher up in search results. Your descriptions of your services should also be highlighted, so you will appear higher up in search results.

3) Links Matter.
By having links on your website, your customers and visits will know exactly where they will need to go for their needs. Your links should be generalized and generic, though they should be specific enough to where they are clear to the reader. By having many links in which they are easily reached, you will make it easier for search engines to place you higher up in the results. Search engines look for clear links when the positioning is decided, so make sure your web page has these features.

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