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Top 12 Devices People Open Webmail With


Here are the key details to remember from this infographic…

1) The majority of webmail users view mail on portable devices.
When searching all web traffic geared towards email usage, the vast majority of individuals accessed their email through portable devices. At the top of the list was the iPhone at 26%. elow this was the Android and Ipad at 22% and 13% respectively. The remaining tools for accessing emails were all less then 10% of the total. While 61% of all emails were checked using mobile devices, 17% were checked used the desktop. In addition, 22% were checked via webmail. Internet Explorer was the clear favorite for those using webmail, making up over 41% of the total. Either way, the more options an email provider gives to their users, the more users will make use of their service.

2) Mobile devices are the top choice for Yahoo and Gmail.
68% of users of both Yahoo Mail and Gmail utilize their mobile devices to check their email. Of those using Yahoo Mail on their mobile device, 52% use Android products to check their email. This is significantly higher then Gmail users who only have 35% checking via Android. Instead, the majority of Gmail users (at around 45%) use iPhones instead. n both cases, other mobile devices make up a minority. From this information gathered, a clear pattern emerges showing that Yahoo users are more likely to use Android while Gmail users are more likely to use iPhone and other Apple mobile products.

3) The AOL web interface is the top choice for AOL mail users.
A little above the majority (at 56%) of AOL users use the webmail interface to view their email. The remaining 44% use Outlook, Apple Mail, or their portable mobile devices. Internet Explorer is the most popular choice for web browsers on desktops. The heavy reliance on Internet Explorer and desktop usage makes AOL a popular choice for desktop users.

4) Provided browser interface is the top choice for Outlook users.
Outlook rocks the email world by having such continued reliance on their provided browser client. Frequently used in workplace, the built in web interface is used by 47% of people on mobile devices, 33% of people in open browsers, and 20% of people using outlook.com on their desktop. With a diverse taste in desktop clients, Outlook continues to work towards being a ubiquitous choice whenever it comes to professional and semi-professional use.

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