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Top 10 Restaurant Menu Trends


What is Hot in Restaurants

In this survey, over 1000 professional chefs who were members of the American Culinary Federation participated. In a bid to handle the increasing cost of food ingredients, the following measures were adopted. 32% of chefs changed the menu while 25% adjusted the composition of the meal. 25% explored new sources while 4% raised the prices of the dish.

Hottest Technological Trends

With the emergency of new technological trends, restaurants owners are keying in to these advances for the development of their businesses. 27% use the tablet computer, while 25% use the smart phone application. 19% make use of mobile, wireless or payment at the point of service.

Top 10 Menu Trends

Here are the top 10 menu trends in restaurants.

1. The use of locally sourced seafoods and meats.
2. Locally grown produced meals.
3. Healthful kids meals.
4. Environmentally sustainability.
5. Children nutrition.
6. New cuts of meat.
7. Hyper local sourcing.
8. Gluten free cuisine.
9. Sustainable seafoods.
10. Whole grain in kids meals.

The survey revealed that about 55% of chefs will adjust meal compositions to make it healthier.

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