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Top 10 Ice Cream Brands in Social Media


How Ice Cream Shows the Power of Social Media

Back in 1984, Ronald Reagan declared that the third Sunday in July would be a national holiday, all so that Americans could enjoy ice cream a little bit more on that day. Since 9 out of every 10 Americans regularly eats ice cream, that one national holiday has progressed into the month of July becoming National Ice Cream Month.

People don’t just eat ice cream in the month of July, however, do they? Of course not! Ice cream is eaten all year, including in the cold winter months of the northern states, because it is a sweet treat that is highly affordable for many. To better reach out to people in order to convince them that their brand is the best, ice cream makers have turned to social media to engage their customers.

There Is a Direct Correlation Between Likes and Price

When you think of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, what comes to mind? For those that enjoy this brand, a favorite flavor is usually what comes to mind first. For those that don’t like the brand, what usually comes to mind is the price. Ben & Jerry’s does usually retail for about $4 per pint in most markets, making it more expensive than some quarts of ice cream. Yet Ben & Jerry’s is regularly enjoyed by millions every day, despite the premium price. Why is that?

Much of it has to do with the personal enjoyment people get by engaging with the product. With over 7 million Facebook followers, the average post on the Ben & Jerry’s Facebook page gathers over 5,000 likes. With fun names for the ice cream and colorful packaging materials that help people remember their nostalgia, people buy Ben & Jerry’s because they’ve been engaged and get something that other ice cream makers can’t provide: memories that can be relived.

It’s Not Just on Facebook Where Domination Occurs

With over 100,000 followers on Twitter, Ben & Jerry’s shows that domination across social media brands is important when it comes to engaging people. People utilize social media websites as a personal extension of life itself. Ben & Jerry’s has recognized this and has adopted tailored content to meet their follower’s needs on each network. There’s no secret to what they are doing! They have simply made social engagement a priority and their efforts have translated into the ability to sell more units than their competitors and at a higher price.

What Does This Mean For You?

It means that you’ve got to engage your followers and targeted consumers more than your competitor’s are. You’ve got to build relationships with people online so they’ll want to see your posts on their timelines and newsfeeds. You’ve got to respond to people when they make comments because if you don’t, that person will feel ignored and you’ll lose a customer.

The more you are engaging across the social networking platforms, the more followers you’ll end up having overall. From there, it is just a matter of tailoring your product to provide a better value than what your competitors are doing. For Ben & Jerry’s, that means a higher level of fun. What could it mean for you?

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