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The Walking Dead Guide to Marketing Your Business


Here is the key information to remember from this infographic…

1) Know your surroundings.
One of the greatest lessons learned from AMC’s original series the Walking Dead for marketers is to know your surroundings. Within the Walking Dead universe, zombies are everywhere. That means that risk and danger lurks around every possible corner. The same is true when it comes marketing. If you are unaware of the marketing and advertising landscape around you, then you will provide a considerable amount of risk to your clients However, by taking the time to better understand the world in which you do business, you will be better prepared if you do meet danger.

2) The right team makes all the difference.
The Walking Dead is comprised of a group of survivors. One reason for their success is that each survivor has their own set of unique skills that make them invaluable to the wider group. Just as leading a bunch of survivors means making use of their skills, so to does managing employees working on a marketing challenge. By identifying skills, mindsets and habits beneficial to the task at hand, you can increase the chances that your own group will succeed at their task.

3) Take chances.
There are a number of times during the Walking Dead when individuals take chances. These chances are very dangerous, but offer a good payoff if they succeed. Knowing the nature of risk, and what you may gain by taking a chance is central to being an effective marketer. Risks are sometimes necessary, and offer an excellent opportunity to learn more about what you are doing in the field.

4) Timing is everything.
The survivors in the Walking Dead have to plan everything they do. From simply finding food to creating plans of escape, the survivors only have limited time to help ensure their own survival. Just like in the Walking Dead, knowing when to make a call to action and act is invaluable. Targeting the maximum audience with the most conservative of costs is possible when planned and acted on at the right time.

5) Have a plan.
More then anything else, having a plan helped to keep the members of the Walking Dead alive. While it may not have always worked, it provided a way for individuals in the group to meet up and communicate when terrible things happen. Marketing is no different. By having a plan, and considering your options, you prepare yourself for a variety of possible situations. Ranging from success to failure, your preparation now will give you a road map when your entire world suddenly turns upside down.

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