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The Ultimate Office Moving Checklist and Planning Guide


Avoid Hidden Costs Associated With Relocating Your Office

Do you have an office but think your office will generate more revenue if placed at the center of town or in a prime location accessible by many people? Considering relocating but concerned about the expenses you will incur thereafter. Avoid the hidden costs associated with moving your office by first creating a budget and sticking to it.

Why stay in an office that is too small or large for your business or company. Go out and look for an office or building which would better suit your business purposes. It’s never too late to relocate.

Thinking about moving your office but don’t know where to start. These are things people with offices think about which is why moving an office should be part of a larger plan or strategy. You should develop a strategic plan to help ensure a smooth moving experience. Make sure you map out the details of your existing lease and determine whether you want to break your current lease or would rather wait until your lease expires.

Setting a Budget

Setting a realistic moving budget will allow you to manage the costs that will be incurred throughout the moving process. Next, you should estimate the cost of key services including commercial property agents, potential legal costs, consultations with office fit-outs, telecoms, as well as the removal of office equipment.

Don’t forget to decommission the things that will not be included in your move to your new office. Instead you should sell, donate, or recycle furniture, office equipment, and telecom systems to local schools and other charitable organizations.

When you envision moving an office you visualize a whole team of help. In order to properly prepare yourself for an office move you may consider hiring a transition consultant to take on many of the move-related details and obligations. Your transition consultant will be responsible for knowing exactly what items and pieces of furniture you will be moving to the new location, where these items will be placed, the time and date you want to move, access to the building including elevators and loading docks, as well as access to parking. There’s no need to stress out when a transition consultant is ready and willing to handle the dirty work.

Think About Essentials

Don’t forget the essential things that need to be done in order to get your new office ready. Make sure you contact your current service providers and inform them of your move. This will allow you to set up a date and time in which the fax lines, telephone lines, and the internet will be installed.

Thinking about packing up an entire office can be quite overwhelming. However, if you plan accordingly, you will be able to determine which items you can pack in advance and which items should be packed the day of the move. Proper labeling is essential to make sure the items are placed in the right vicinity within the new office. Next, is loading and unloading which can be done by a professional moving company.

If you’re considering moving your office avoid hidden costs by developing and following a strategic plan with a definite budget.

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