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The Top 4 Evite Competitors

Who wants to spend dozens of hours creating invitations that are hand-crafted to get people to come to a wedding? Why bother spending hundreds of dollars on printed invitations when you could use Evite as a way to get your party started? With premium postmarks that help to invite people to an event through a digital invitation, you can get your next party started for free with Evite. Animated cards that are seasonal or are for a special occasion, like a birthday or anniversary, are all available.

Don’t want to pay for the premium Evite services? We’ve put together a few alternatives for you to consider that can still get the job done. Let’s take a look below!

Crusher – https://www.crunchbase.com/product/crusher

What’s nice about Crusher is that you can either create an invitation in a minute using their online platform or you can tweak the coding of your invite so that it perfectly meets your needs. Crusher also allows you to add chat options, videos, photographs, and a ton of extra stuff that can really personalize the invitation that is being sent out. Experienced web professionals will love to show off their skills, while the average person will just love the quality of the final product.


Facebook – https://facebook.com/

What? Facebook? Believe it or not, there isn’t an easier way on the internet today to invite people to an event. All you’ve got to do is create it through your Facebook profile, invite all your friends, and make it public or private based on your wishes. Is it a personal way to do things? Not necessarily, but it is effective.


My Punchbowl – https://www.punchbowl.com/

What’s better than creating a party that starts at a specific time? Sending out an invitation that lets people tell you what the best time for them to attend it happens to be. If you get a lot of feedback from people that you’re planning something at the wrong time or even on the wrong day, you can easily change your time to accommodate your guest’s schedules. You can also make certain guests have a VIP status to make sure their needs are met before everyone else’s needs – and it is fully integrated with social media.


Pingg – https://www.celebrations.com/

With all the steps to building an invitation in one place, Pingg is probably the easiest alternative to use outside of Facebook. You can easily select layout, graphics, and details from drop down menus that minimize with one-click ease. Share your invites on Twitter or Facebook and track your invitees with the included tools. It’s a very handy service and one of the best Evite competitors around.


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