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5 Unique Ways to Use Video to Drive Traffic

A picture is worth a thousand words. This age old statement is beyond debate. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video can be worth a thousand pictures. Using video for marketing is not an option. It has become imperative, more so because of the advent of video sharing portals and the omnipotence of internet in marketing. Producing videos has never been more economic, hosting them or broadcasting them across the world to millions of potential viewers has never been free as it is now and the efficacy of videos and their impact is unparallel across the audiovisual spectrum.

The following infographic provides a brief guide to Google’s webmaster guidelines and an understanding of how to drive more traffic to your site through on page and off page strategies.

Increase Site Traffic

Textual contents are effective up to a point. Images or slideshows and audio embedded presentations also have an impact to a certain degree. Beyond those limitations, it is only a video that can do the magic that you need. To make an impact in the virtual world, to drive traffic to your website, to reach out to more and more people, you have to use or harness the power of video.

In 5 Creative Ways To Drive Traffic Using Video, you would explore the finer details of how to use video, where to use it and the various tricks that you must employ to accomplish your objective.

How to Use Video

Video doesn’t always imply an advertising commercial or a promotional audiovisual content. Video can be instructional, it can be educative, video can be for customer service or purely for branding purposes. It all depends on how you wish to use video and to what extent you can imagine and conceive an idea that is unique or potentially viral.

The 5 Creative Ways discussed in the presentation shed light on Video Twitter Replies, Creating A Parody, Unsubscribing Videos, Whiteboard Videos and Targeted Testimonials. As you explore each of these five creative ways, you would realize that they are unique, they also tend to harness the power of social media and that they all have a specific purpose. Videos with vague intentions or misguided objectives would fall flat and seldom achieve anything more than a couple of views. The magic of video can only be capitalized on when you are really creative and have an overwhelming effect on your target audience.

Check out the myriad ways in the presentation using which you can use video to drive traffic to your website, despite all the competition and commotion in the virtual world.

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