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The Roles and Responsibilities of Today’s CIO


Changing the Role of the CIO

With respect to changing the role of the CIO, there is a to be done because every two years, the world’s information doubles. In light of this, most CIOs are turning to the cloud to get the job done thereby cutting costs. This has led to an increase in the use of mobile and tech devices. As a result, it has been projected that the number of IT hours will be reduced by 25% come 2015. Over the years, cloud users have saved over 20% per annum by moving applications to the cloud.

What is the CIO’s job?

It is required of the CIO to apply technology to increase productivity and marketing, reducing cost at the same time. More relevant roles of the CIO are the support of the business transformation and supporting the mission of the company through the application of technology.

Women are taking their place in the spotlight as far as being a CIO is concerned. It has been revealed that of the top 10 CIO’s, five are women despite the fact that they occupy only 10% of the position in Fortune 500 companies.

Top Priority Decision for IT Decision Makers

60% of CIOs concentrate on cloud computing, 58% are interested in security while 31% are interest in IT consolidation. 80% of CIOs deliver an amount of their current serve through a private cloud, over 45% of data managers consolidate IT infrastructure through the use of the cloud, while 49% of data managers make use of the cloud to improve access from anywhere. The cloud is also used by 52% of data managers to reduce capital requirements.

List of Highest Paid CIOs of 2011

1. Margaret M. Mccarty of Aetna receives 5.11 million.
2. Lori A. Beer of WellPoint receives 4.47 million.
3. Glen Salow of Ameriprise Financial receives 4.15 million.
4. Robert Carter of FedEx receives 3.21 million.
5. Deborah Butler of NS Norfolk Southern receives 3.16 million.

3 Essential Qualities of the Best CIOs

1. The courage to be innovative with respect to IT.
2. The authority and effectiveness to guide IT through a period of creative destruction.
3. Smartness, intelligence, and wisdom to get positive results.

3 Priorities of Successful CIOs

1. Increase company growth.
2. Attracting and retaining new customers.
3. Reducing cost as much as possible.

5 Areas Mostly Focused on by CIOs

1. Converged infrastructure.
2. Information optimization.
3. Security
4. Cloud
5. Application modernization.

The source of successful CIOs
• Business result contributes 37% to the success of CIOs.
• Business knowledge contributes 29%.
• C-level relationship forms 14%.
• Business relationships form 8%.
• IT knowledge form 6%.
• IT relationship contributes 3%.
• Authority as CIO forms 2%.
• Vendor relationship contributes 1%.

Lets take a look into how CIOs spend their time on various issues
Most CIOs spend 63% of their time on IT related concerns and 37% on other issues. 6% of the most successful CIOs spend 54% if their time on IT related issues and 46% of their time on other matters. On the average, they spend 37% of their time on business leaders, 27% with other stock holders and 36% with the IT team. The successful top 6% of CIOs spend their time differently. They spend 46% of their time with Business stake holders, 26% with the IT team, and 28% spent elsewhere.

What makes most CIOs successful is their ability to run the business, grow the business, and transform the business. In the words of Roger Park, Vice President IT & CIO of J. R. Simplot, “It’s an exciting time to be a CIO because new technologies are changing from a support function to a creator of greater value. Creating of a cloud is considered both economical with investments generating savings today and revenue for later.

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