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The Perfect Office Stretching Routine


Office Stretches

There are many ways to stretch while you are in the workplace. Looking after your well being while in the workplace is badly needed if sitting down at your desk for a longer span of time. Many people suffer from back pain because of their poor sitting position.

The ideal way to sit at your desk is have the knees to some extent lower than the hips and twisted at close to right positions or angles. The bum must sit up opposing the back of the chair. You lower back should be assisted by a back rest. Make sure that you’re close enough to the desk in order to avoid unpleasant or needless reaching of controls. The neck must be long and nudging forward.

5 Desk Exercises

Some easy and straightforward stretches which you can perform at the desk are:

1. Head Rotations

Rotate your head around gradually. Turn your head right and left, up and down. Ensure the movements are slow and do not over stretch as this can lead to discomfort or pain.

2. Eye Stretching

Open your eyes as wide as possible and slow down. Repeat this procedure a number of times in order to relieve the stress and pressure developed in your eyes.

3. Wrist Stretch

Turn around your wrist around. Do this clockwise and counter clockwise movement.

4. Finger Stretches

Move the fingers around and press them into a fist and let go.

5. Shoulder Stretch

Reach up behind the back. You have to do this up and down. Pull the shoulders back and keep the position for a number of seconds. Turn around the shoulders to loosen up your muscles. This provides comfort and at the same, prevents further back pain that can lead to a serious medical condition.

There are lots of types of stretches and movements which you can do while in the office in order to loosen up your muscles. Sitting down for a long span of time can result in muscle fatigue that in due course, can lead to some serious illnesses. Muscles get tense and tight and moving it is not as smooth as they must be.

People particularly those who keep their life busy doing things need to know that it is not all about job. Keeping the body in a good shape is very important. If it is not in a good condition, it is likely not to perform a good job. Good health is maintained by doing simple routines which can be performed at the desk.

Keep in mind that looking after the health must be placed on top of your priorities when you are at the workplace. You have to follow some of the easy ways to tight out the body while doing your job.

All in all, this has only discussed a few easy means of looking after your health while at the workplace. You do not need to be super smart to know the significance of your well being at the workplace. Having good health makes you more productive and lively and lets you do the job accurately.

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