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51 Catchy Marching Band Slogans

Marching bands are known as the halftime game show of football games. College football has become a large contributor to local areas and state economies where championship bowls are performed. More than $354.6 million can be seen in revenue during a three day game series. Marching bands can help to promote local teams as well as maintain entertainment while players rest. The following series of marching band slogans can be used to continue to inspire fellow members and maintain sportsmanship and team collaboration.

Always Stirring Up Treble.
B Natural.
Band Geek.
Band is the Bacon of School.
Banding Together.
Banging is Our Specialty.
Baritones kick brass.
Be the Right Flank… March.
Blues You Can Use.
Brass and woodwind, the best of both worlds.
Dang Drumline!
Divided by Chairs
Don’t Bother Me. I’m Marching.
Einstein was Wrong. E = Fb.
Every Day We’re Shufflin’
Get Your Drum On.
Gone Chopin.
Good Music… Good People.
Halftime is game time.
Halftime is our time.
I Mark Time in my Sleep.
I See Band People.
I’m Too Saxy For My Shirt.
If marching band was any easier it would be called football.
I’m in a Band. Marching Band.
I’m the Reason We Need Band Moms.
It’s a band thing, you wouldn’t understand.
It’s Okay, I’m With The Band.
Makes it interesting.
Marching band. The sport for intelligent people.
Merrily We Roll Along.
More than an adventure, it’s a way of life.
Music Only Makes Me Stronger.
One Band, One Sound.
One day football will be played at halftime.
Reach for the Moon.
Real men don’t use lyres.
Saxy And We Know It.
Sorry, We Only Have One Volume.
The Band’s With Us.
The Few, The Proud, The Trombones.
The football team plays the game, but the marching band.
Tuba! Play with the big boys.
Unity in Links.
We’ve Got Sax Appeal.
Weapons of Mass Percussion.
Welcome to the Boneyard.
We’ve Got Spirit.
What is the football team doing on our field?
Where clarinets go, treble followers.
Where The Flutes Go, Treble Will Follow.

The below infographic looks at the financial benefits that college football and competitive games offer communities. From employees to lodging, food, and sales tax, tens of thousands of travelers attend regional games. The top 5 games in 2009 had an economic impact of $1.2 billion dollars in the hosted cities.

College Football Statistics

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