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The Perfect Customer Case Study Template


A customer case study can be a very effective marketing tool. It is not an outright promotional campaign. It is indirect marketing which combines branding with subtle advertising or endorsement of the target audience. A customer case study is aimed at other customers and also at investors or potential partners. Hence, you need to ensure that a customer case study is as professional and foolproof as it can be. There are many resources available online where from you can just download the formats or layouts that a customer case study should have. You can adhere to them or come up with your own. Regardless of that, you should have the key components that make a customer case study great.

1) You Must Pick The Right Customer.
You should choose someone who is happy with your products or services and you should ensure that the customer is aware of what is being done and achieved in the process. The customer should willingly participate in the case study and must have the inclination to offer some very valuable feedback from the perspective of the consumers. Only then would you have those x-factors that make a case study unique. You cannot come up with generic endorsements. There should be a great depth of personalization in the case study. That is why you should not pick a random customer. Choose a happy and informed consumer.

2) You Must Tell a Story.
A case study should not be overloaded with jargon. It should not be a statistical report. There should be a combination of everything. It has to be technical and there should be numbers vetting the claims but above all there should be a story that people can connect with.

3) You Need To Highlight The Primary Problem And Then Offer The Solution.
You must put forth the problem at the very outset. This will set the ball rolling. Unless your target audience is bothered about the problem, they wouldn’t stick around for your case study to delve into the details. This is also why you need to tell a story and narrate it well.

4) You Cannot Keep Making Claims.
The problems that your products or services resolve must be presented in a manner that is believable. You should have measurable impacts and use all credible sources of information that further vets your claims.

5) Don’t Promote or Keep Selling Your Product Through the Case Study.
It is supposed to be informative and convincing but not a push-sale.

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