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The Effect of Relationship Status on Drinking Habits


There was an old saying, a very popular one which is not spoken as often today. It was said that over time, through the many years that a man and woman spend their lives together, they eventually look similar to one another. Whether it was their waistline or how they appeared in public, how they behaved or how they spoke. Staying together and doing everything as one made people be similar to the other person.

It is quite easy to understand why such a change happens. A husband and a wife, especially when in a very long marriage, will end up with similar diets, similar times of eating and the same eating habits. Also, their lifestyle including exercises and drinks would be the same or similar. Naturally, they will have similar physical forms. From dresses to thought process, everything gets influenced the significant other. Thus, it is only obvious that the significant other will have a significant impact or effect on the drinking habits of the other half.

Men have an impact on women drinking habits when two are married and women also have an impact on the men. The Effect Our Significant Other Has On Our Drinking Habits is an interesting info-graphic that sheds light on how marriage influences drinking in the two genders; how single, divorced or widowed men are different from married men and how single and divorced women or widows have a different drinking habit.

There is a simple truth that almost everyone knows. Married men drink less than single men. When married, the entire ambiance, lifestyle and financial responsibilities don’t allow a man to splurge on drinks or to get drunk very often. There are control measures in place from the wife as well. That is the effect women have on their husbands. But men have a different impact on their wives. Married women drink more than single women. That is partly to give their husbands company and partly owing to the need to have some fun after all the chores, responsibilities and headaches, especially in marriages that have stood the trials and tribulations of family life.

Marriage, divorce, relationship status and lifestyle; all have their influences on the drinking habits of a person but nothing has as much of an impact as the significant other, the approach and habit, willingness and acceptability of drinks of that significant other.

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