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18 Exceptional Wedding RSVP Wording Ideas

More than a quarter of weddings performed each year are destination weddings. June is considered to be one of the most popular months to plan the big day. An estimated one in eight weddings that occur cost more than $40,000 and have the average bride age of 29 and groom age of 31. For celebrating your wedding event, the following wedding RSVP wording ideas are great and creative ways to invite guests to partake in this special event.

Bring your memories to share. Please respond before [date]. _______ [names] _______ we will be delighted. _______ we have other obligations.

Don’t miss the boat. Please respond by [date]. Name _______. _______ Our ship came in! We’ll be there! _______ Sorry, we’re all booked up.

Drop a response in the mail by [date]. [names] _______ we would love to drop by and join you. _______ we just can’t ‘leaf’ our work. Enjoy dinner without us.

Every minute counts. Please respond by [date]. Name _______. _______ Yes, we’ll be counting the minutes. _______ Sorry, our time has been spoken for.

Kindly reply by the [date]. Names _______. Wouldn’t miss it for the world _______. Will celebrate from afar _______.

Kindly respond by [date]. [names] _______ persons will attend. _______ unable to attend.

Must be seen, to be believed. I, _______ wouldn’t date miss it. I’ll have _______ in my party. _______ Just won’t be able to attend but I wish you two the very best. Please respond by [date].

Please respond on or before [date]. [name] will _______ attend.

Please respond to this journey of love by [date]. Name _______. _______ Yes, we’ll be counting the minutes. _______ Sorry, our time has been spoken for.

RSVP. Please respond by [date]. Names ______. Can’t wait _______. Will be there in spirit _______. I promise to dance if you play _______.

Shhhh! Don’t give away the forecast. Tell us by [date]. Name _______. _______ Yes, I’ll be there with umbrella in hand. _______ No, I can’t make it, my schedule is stormy.

The courtesy of a reply is requested by [date]. [names]. Please indicate number of each. Chicken _______, Fish _______, Veal_______. Unable to Attend _______.

The favor of a reply is requested before [date]. [names] _______ will attend. _______ not able to attend.

The favor of a reply is requested on or before [date]. [names] number of persons _______. _______ cannot attend.

The favor of a reply is requested on or before [date]. Name _______. _______ accepts. _______ regrets.

The season won’t be jolly without you. Please wrap your response by [date]. [names] _______ will be there with bells on. _______ wrapped up somewhere else.

We look forward to celebrating with you. Please reply by [date]. Name _______. Number of persons _______.

We’re not making this up. Please respond by [date]. Name _______. _______ Yes, let’s make it official. _______ No, we’re officially tied up.

More than three fourths of brides and grooms lived together before tying the knot. The average length of engagement is more than 14 months. Those that want to save a little cash, can avoid peak season for crowdsource their items out to friends and families. The below infographic takes a look at the state of the wedding and bridal industry.

Average Cost of Wedding

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