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The Best Times to Post on Facebook and Twitter


Most companies choose to brand their products online, as they recognize that they majority of their customers use the internet daily. While some customers are obviously going to frequent online services more than others, much of the world’s population uses internet at least once a day. With 87% of the United States populating having an active connection to the internet, a popular convention of advertising companies is found in publishing ads on popular social media sites. As the most commonly visited webpages on the internet, marketing your business at the right time on these sites could help find you a way to great returns and business success.

Here are some of the key insights provided from this infographic regarding posting on Facebook and Twitter.

1) Post On The Right Day.
A huge part of the success of your branding is going to be dependent on the day you choose to advertise. Most Twitter users are most active during the weekday, so they are usually more respondent to ads during these days. Facebook differs in this, however, as most users are more active during the day, as opposed to the weekend. Generally B2B marketers will see best results on Facebook during the weekend, the least amount during the weekday. The exact opposite is true for Twitter, however, as most users are active and more reliant upon during the weekday.

2) Time Of The Day.
While it may not seem it, the time of day is huge when talking about social media advertisement timing. For Facebook, the best times are typically in the evening, from 4:00pm to 8:00pm, Twitter follows this same trend.

3) Know Your Business.
Knowing the type of business you are marketing is important when figuring out social timing. Are you B2B or B2C? These are important questions to ask yourself, because not only will it change the way you market your business, but it will also mold when the best times are to market are. Knowing your type of business is huge when figuring out the best times to reach out to Twitter and Facebook.

4) Understand The Way To Market.
Lastly, it is very important you realize how sharing on these programs work to maximize your chances of successful marketing. By understanding the way things are shared, and what content is best shared, you will find the best results in these methods. This will not only spread successful brands, but it will also allow you to become more comfortable with using social timing marketing techniques.

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