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The ABCs of Employee Appreciation


Showing Others You Appreciate Their Hard Work

Rewarding hard work and recognizing work well done is a fabulous way to make sure that all your employees see an example of what is expected of them to achieve above and beyond. Try to integrate niceties into everyday work, as well as in special events. Think about using some of the below tactics to give praise, as well as to recognize those that go above and beyond in their services, duties, and work life. Doing this can boost productivity, and make you a better overall superior.

Daily and Special Events

Be sure to be nice on a daily basis. Do this by offering regular thanks via email, social media, or verbal communication. Even a nice instant message, an e-card, or e-buttons can work. Also be sure to keep positive by keeping a smile on your face. Special events, like award ceremonies, causal days, days off, volunteering to help others, and offering sincere gratitude at these events when you praise others can also be good ways to keep your appreciation fresh. You may also want to think about special gatherings, parties, and celebrations for everyone as a way to boost productivity and make workers feel appreciated.


Praise is very important. Not only can you be sincere, and offer regular thanks for hard work, but you can also celebrate things like career milestones, notice efforts of others, give applause and ovations when appropriate, or drop friendly notes off to others. As mentioned above, other routes can also be used to give workers praise, such as the use of social media, online reward results, emails, friendly phone calls, kudos, leaders’ retreats, or even a quick high five after a project has been complete. Don’t just think inside the box when it comes to praising others.

Tokens of Appreciation

Giving tokens of appreciation, both in group settings and private settings, are other ways to show appreciation. Think about not just the intangible things like special events detailed above, but also other tangible things. Examples are rewards, certificates, gifts, bouquets, awards, and even the gift of giving a nice treat in an unexpected way. Just think for a moment about things that particular individuals enjoy, as well as items that they can appreciate or display in their offices. Giving tokens often helps teams to work better together, know what is expected of them, and keep up morale.

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