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The 9 Worst Work Personalities


Horrible colleagues in a workplace can be detrimental to the workplace environment. They can hurt productivity, and also make it difficult to function as a team. In this article we will take a look at how you can easily identify these types of workers, as well as how you can avoid being any of them. We will take a look at some of the most damaging of workplace personalities, and also let you know how you can avoid falling into their productivity sapping traps.

The Weird

The weird make the workplace uncomfortable and uncommunicative. You can identify these people by their lack of interaction. They may often listen to headphones through music, shoot down every idea that you have, or make it clear that nothing you think will work will actually work. Contrarians, loners, naysayers, and others like this may be annoying, as well, but mostly they are just weird. Usually, you can identify them right off the bat by their bad attitudes, as well as their constantly working alone, not sharing ideas, and even seeming like they just do not care about anything in general. Don’t be these guys.

The Self-Obsessed and Lazy

Nobody likes a tool, a person who shares too much, or the person not willing to do anything. Avoid not dressing professionally, or sharing too much about things that others just do not care about. Keep yourself focused. Also, do not be too full of yourself. You are not the end all be all of romance, nor are you the most attractive person in the workplace, even if you think you are. Leave your laziness, self-praise, and personal life at the door when you go to work. If you can do that, you will be happier and easier to work with.

The Annoying

The annoying also harm productivity in other ways. We all know the people who constantly want to re-review documents, criticize your work, or fill your email inbox with useless emails. Do not be these people, but also do not feed them. They thrive on the sadness of others. Avoid shooting down the ideas of others all the time, and do not overly kiss the butt of your superiors. All these actions are easily identifiable and will mean that other workers will resent you for a number of reasons. They may also purposely exclude you from projects due to your bad attitude.

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