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The 7 Types of Twitter Accounts


There are seven different types of twitter accounts that an individual can have. A complete listing is available in the above infographic. This will provide you with important information you will need.

The Top Twitter Accounts

As you check the website you will see that they have given up to five stars for each different type of account. They also give them either gold or red. The first account is the Social Star. This particular one has received five gold stars. It is for an individual who is active on their Twitter account. They could be a busy individual possibly with a career and this could be having become successful because of their Twitter account. Because they are constantly providing strong content and interact they have numerous followers but they also have individuals that are following them as well.

Another account is the Butterfly. This particular account received four red stars. This account is a major Twitter user. This account is for all different types of users and used throughout the day. It is contains good content, socially engaged and also is active. This account will typically have a high numbers of followers and individuals that are following them. This could also be their primary channel.

More Twitter Accounts

The Distant Star is rated with three gold stars. This particular account is well known. The individual could possibly not be much a social person. The individuals could possibly possess an influence depending on how much they interact with the different users. They also would rather have their privacy. They tend to have more followers than individuals that will follow them. The Private Eye is rated with two gold stars. This type of account is protected. This type of account is typically owned by a female user. You will have to be approved before you can follow.

The Cycler is rated with two red stars. You will notice with this type of account they have lots of individuals following. Some individuals play a numbers game where they will follow someone and then want them to follow them.

There are many different types of Twitter accounts that you can utilize. The best thing is for you to research which one will be the best one for you. Another way to figure out which account would be best for you is by looking at how often you will be getting onto Twitter. You can find numerous individuals on Twitter.

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