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The 16 Types of Facebook Users


Which Are You? Types of Facebook Users

Depending upon what type of Facebook user you or your friends might be, you may very well use the social media site much differently than others that you know. In this article, we will examine the most common types of Facebook users, what they do on the site, how they make connections with others, and more. Maybe you can pick-out which type of user yourself or even some of your friends might be. You may also be able to better tell if your friends are being funny or just obnoxious while online.

The Tightlipped

There are several types of users who use Facebook, but say seemingly little while online. These include people who just read what everyone has to say, but only make reference to it in public. It can also include those who only seem to laugh at everything, or who only every hit the “like,” button and never really comment. Some will interact in other ways on Facebook, like only playing games, or only liking pages of products and/or things. Still others will never communicate directly, but only send invites to events and pages.

The Loose Lipped

Some users on Facebook say too much. For example, you will find some users who only ever talk about religion while online. You will also find those who never say anything themselves, but want to repeat what everyone else has already said by stealing statuses. Still others seem to post about how much they hate their own life, or even how much other people are always hating them for no reason. These people often say too much, and may also fall into other “annoying,” user categories that we will discuss a bit more about below. Feel free to limit these people on your feed.

The Annoying

Even our friends can be annoying online. Some annoying users include that guy who friends everyone they have ever met for no reason. Others include people who want to say good morning Facebook each day, or who want to give us a news rundown about what is going on with them every night. Others want to be a comedian, but never seem to get it right. Still others are overly dramatic in their posts, interactions with others, and links. Some people who are annoying just need to take more time to proofread their posts before putting them online.

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