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The 10 Pillars of Email Marketing Excellence


Here are some top takeaways to remember from this infographic…

1) Setting Concise Goals.
Every business has a goal for their marketing and the same should apply to your email marketing campaign. When you have a clear goal you will know what it is that you’re trying to get across and so will your customers. Making sure that you revisit the original goal is essential so you don’t lead yourself down other irrelevant paths.

2) Think about the Audience.
Make sure that your audience is getting what they originally signed up for, information about your business, services, and/or products. Have the emails reflect what your audience needs and this will increase their spending.

3) Headlines and Timing.
As with any type of news copy it is essential that you develop a headline that will catch the attention of your readers. Avoid as much fluff as possible and get straight to the point. It is also important to send the email out at the right time depending on your customer and industry trends.

4) Optimizing the Brand.
You will want to make sure that your audience knows who the email is coming from so make sure that you have an email address from a clear domain, use the colors of your company, display the company’s logo, and implement your brand name throughout the text.

5) Designing.
There are several mail clients that your customers could be using so when you’re designing the emails, make sure that they are compatible across every mail client for easy access for everyone. For example, give your customers the ability to choose between viewing the email with HTML or not.

6) Call to Action.
Your call to action is what will make customers buy what you’re offering so make sure that you express what you want them to do in the clearest way possible. By using color, selling language, persuasion, and a sense of urgency, you’ll be enticing people to buy while it’s still hot.

7) Landing Pages.
When your customers click on the links in your email it will have to take them to landing pages where they can find more information about your services and/or products. Make sure that the landing pages don’t have any distractions that may lead them astray.

8) Email Tracking and Testing.
When you sign up for email packages through a provider you can take a look at stats and open rates but you will want to make sure that you tag links in your emails so you know who visits your websites from the emails that you send out. This will help you to measure the success of your email marketing and determine if you need to change anything. It’s impossible to have the magic formula for making the perfect email so you simply need to test it over and over again to see which campaign works the best for you and your customers.

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