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Stumbleupon Paid Advertising Statistics on Clicks and Time on Page

Stumbleupon Paid Advertising Statistics on Clicks and Time on Page

The Life of a Web Page on Stumbleupon

Like other popular social media platforms, Stumbleupon is used by businesses and organization to raise awareness and bring traffic to their sites. Here are some statistics about Stumbleupon and what the average webpage goes through.

Statistics and Traffic Referrals

Stumbleupon adds 2.2 million webpages each month, meaning that 51 pages are added each minute, and it boasts a market share percentage of 50.34 when it comes to social media traffic referrals. Facebook and Reddit, which allocate for 37.4% and 4.26% of the same market, are not even close. In addition, after24 hours of buzz, a link will bring in 83% of stumbles, 5% of likes, and 0% of retweets, showing how overall, Stumbleupon can be powerful even after popularity has died down.

The Half-Life of a Link

The half-life of a link is the junction at which a link has gathered half of its potential engagement. While the half-life of a link on Twitter and Facebook is 2.8 hours and 3.2 hours respectively, a Stumbleupon link will gather 400 hours of engagement.

The Length of a View

On average, a stumble page view will last 72 seconds, which is 25% longer than the average webpage view of 58 seconds. In addition, the average stumble user session will last around 69 minutes, making it three times longer than the average Facebook session and three times longer than a TV sitcom.

Looking through all of these statistics and facts proves how Stumbleupon can be a useful tool to help your business spread its awareness and grow. Learning to use Stumbleupon properly can bring you traffic and raise your sales as well once more and more people find you and realize they need your service or product.

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