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Strikingly vs Squarespace

Thanks to the innovations offered in the web building market space, there are a number of great ways to create a website all on your own. You don’t need to pay an agency big bucks to get the job done, but with programs like Strikingly or Squarespace, you also don’t need to spend days tweaking your code so that you can get your site just right.

In the Strinkingly vs Squarespace debate in terms of building a website, there are several key points that are worth considering.

1. How Easy Is It to Use?

Both Strikingly and Squarespace are generally considered to be plug-and-play systems. You drag-and-drop items onto a builder page to see exactly what your web page is going to look like when you publish it. You can change background images, place text and headlines to provide information to visitors, and create a network of menu commands for navigational purposes.

Strikingly offers users two different versions that can be used. The basic system is completely free of coding, allowing virtually anyone the chance to build their website from scratch with very little difficulty whatsoever. There is also a customized HTML feature that allows for editing the code of the site so you can make specific changes when necessary.

Squarespace is more of an intuitive system. It predicts what you want and how you want it based on your input. This means it takes a little longer to get to know the system, but after a little time in the learning process, users can often publish faster.

2. How Flexible Is the System?

Strikingly is a complete website building program. It can create virtually any modern website that is needed, including an e-commerce platform. This allows users to present their information, products, or services in a preferred method while accepting a number of different payment gateways. It’s a good way for beginners to get up and running online with an ability to accept online orders.

Squarespace offers more flexibility for web developers who have lots of experience in their niche. The DIY editing interface allows for the creation of deeply personalized multi-page websites. It is structured to be more of a complete CMS that can scale upwards as a business grows. This means it is more complicated to get started, but it offers more flexibility if you have the skills to access it.

3. How Effective Is the Design?

Strikingly focuses their templated on product-centered designs. You can choose one theme, then change it after publication if you don’t like the first one without losing any of your data. Each template is a standard drag-and-drop block structure, making it easy to add, subtract, or change content as your needs evolve. All of the themes are responsive.

Squarespace offers responsive templates as well, with a collection that is bigger than most other web builders. You can also switch your themes at any time without losing the content that you’ve published. There is less variation within the templates and themes despite the larger collection, however, and it is more difficult for users on Squarespace to navigate through multi-page sites from beginner builders.

4. How Good is the Customer Support?

Strikingly offers support primarily through email. Users can also use a knowledge base and an idea forum in order to find the help that they need. There is also a checklist that is offered to builders so that common problems can be stopped before the site is published.

Squarespace offers a similar set of support options, though users can also access live chat support. There are also regular 1-on-1 workshops that are offered to users that are free if you can attend one at their primary New York offices.

5. How Much Does It Cost?

Strikingly offers users a free plan that is ad-supported. You receive unlimited free sites and 5 GB of monthly bandwidth, but it is limited as an e-commerce solution. You only receive 1 product per site. Users need to upgrade to the Pro plan, billed at $16 per month on an annual basis, to receive unlimited bandwidth and up to 100 products per site.

Squarespace allows users to pay annually or on a month-to-month basis, though monthly billing does cost considerably more. For the business plan, annual billing works out to $18 per month, but monthly billing is $26 per month. Advanced ecommerce sites are up to $46 per month.

In the Strikingly vs Squarespace debate, each web builder offers quality options that can be beneficial to businesses and private sites alike. Choose the one that best meets your core needs for the best possible results.

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