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Sports Agent Drew Rosenhaus Net Worth

Drew Rosenhaus Career

Drew Rosenhaus is an American professional sports agent for football players. His agency, Rosenhaus Sports Representation is based out of Miami and known for using aggressive tactics on behalf of professional players. His success has left him the following wealth.

Net Worth: $65 Million
Annual Salary: 10 Percent

Professional Career

Starting out at the age of 22, Drew Rosenhaus was considered one of the youngest registered sports agents in the NFL or elsewhere. Less than 20 years later, he has negotiated over a billion dollars worth of contracts. Most of these come from the most flamboyant and famous players in NFL history. His agency currently handles more than 100 NFL players, many of which came out of the University of Miami.

On a public level, Rosenhaus is considered to offer aggressive styles of representing his clients to include those of controversial athletes such as Terrell Owens. He has been seen in quite a bit of public appearance, considered unusual for a normal secluded profession such as his. Guest appearances can be found on TV series such as Arliss and The Late Show with David Letterman. He has also appeared in Oliver Stone’s football movie “Any Given Sunday.” The film Jerry Maguire is often thought to be based on Drew Rosenhaus himself.


Functioning as a sports agent, Drew Rosenhaus’s salary is based on percentages of how much he can secure for his clients. The average agent earns 15-20% of all money however Rosenhaus claims he only takes 3%. In return for these fees, agents typically bring clients in more than 5x the money due to their negotiation experience and leverage.

Allegations and claims in the past have been made against Drew Rosenhaus claiming he has violated NFL Player’s Association rule by contacting clients signed with other agents and using current clients of his to recruit other NFL players and prospects. However, he no formal findings have ever been issues that prove this.


Drew Rosenhaus is considered very distinguished among his peers. He remains prominent during public appearances and serves as an analyst for Spring Exclusive Entertainment, giving Spring customers inside information on wheeling and dealing going on in the NFL. He is also the only agent ever to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated. He has been featured on HBO’s Real Sports nd Inside the NFL.

Additional television appearances include a commercial for This is SportsCenter and Burger King.

Legal Issues

In 2012, It was reported that employee Daniel F. Martoe made an arbitration filing with the National Football League Players Association accusing Drew Rosenhaus of breach of contract and fraud.

It was later alleged that Rosenhaus was having his players steer towards a financial adviser at Sun Trust Bank in exchange for larger loans with lower interest rates.

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