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46 Best Publishing Company Names

The United States publishing industry has seen revenues upwards of over $40 billion There has been small increases year by year of growing an additional $3 billion. Recent challenges in both the economy and technology require the publishing industry to consider digital publishing models and more significant changes made in models and processes. The following collection of publishing company names are from around the United States and capture traditional methods of distribution books.

Airline Tariff Publishing Company
Alfred Publishing Co.
American Express Publishing
Anthony Publishing Co.
August Home Publishing Co.
Bradford Publishing Co.
Cherry Lane
Chocolate Publishing Co.
Clermont Sun Publishing Company
Code Publishing Co.
Concordia Publishing House
Gospel Publishing House
Hope Publishing
Horizon Publishing Co.
Isthmus Publishing Company Inc.
Kalmback Publishing Co.
Leisure Publishing Co Inc.
Melville House Publishing Co.
Meriwether Publishing Ltd.
Missourian Publishing Company
North American Publishing Co.
Northwestern Publishing House
Oregonian Publishing Co.
Pelican Publishing Co Inc.
Pinball Publishing
Quality of Life Publishing Co.
Randall-Reilly Publishing Company LLC
Reality Publishing Co.
Riverside Publishing Co.
Sandhills Publishing Compaany
School Zone Publishing Company
SpinSheet Publishing Company
Springer Publishing
Sterling Publishing Co Inc.
Tate Publishing & Enterprises
The Day Publishing Company
The Free Lance-Star Publishing Company
The Oklahoman
Times Publishing Company
Truth Publishing Company Inc.
Walsworth Publishing Co.
Warwick Publishing Co.
Wave Publishing Co.
Wichita Eagle
Workman Publishing Company
World Scientific Publishing Co.

A total of 4 out of 5 publishers have incorporated some form of e-book publishing for digital media. This has been increasing the production of books and distribution. Nearly half of the publishers want to produce more books. Approximately 80% of publishers still print versions of eBook titles. The following infographic outlines statistics and trends of this continually growing industry.

How Digital Books Change Publishing

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