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Special Event Promotion Strategy and Techniques


Are you planning on launching an event?

Whether it’s to celebrate the start of a new business venture, organizing a seminar, or just a gathering of like minded individuals, promoting your event effectively is essential to its success. Read on to learn the best methods to promoting your event online.

Setup an Event Website

There’s no point getting lots of eyeballs onto your event page, if the website isn’t clear and engaging. Creating some eye catching social videos and graphics to put at the top of your event site should be a priority. A logo is also useful in creating trust and quick familiarity with your event and brand. People like to know the details of the event, so put together a full event schedule with all the dates and locations.

Lastly, but most importantly, include a registration form on the website. Collect the name, email and phone numbers of the attendees so you can easily update them on the latest news and any schedule changes. Also including a referral field is useful to identifying which sites and blogs sent you the attendees. This list of blogs would be a good starting point for promoting future events.

Create a Digital Media Kit

A digital media kit is simply a collection of content that bloggers can use in promoting your event. Create a compressed file with all the content to make it easy for bloggers and promoters to quickly download. But also individually host the files on your site so that they are viewable. Try to create as much promotional material as possible. The type of content can be in the form of:

– Flyers & posters

– Videos

– Photos (of the venue, speakers & past events)

– Banner ads

– Photo Slideshows

– Even description & sales copy

Promote Through Blogs

Did you know there are more than 160.8 million blogs on the internet, and more are started every single day?

You need to narrow the list of blogs that could potentially promote your event. Using search engines is one way of finding relevant blogs. Another good method is using a blog indexing service. Two of the biggest blog indexes are BlogPulse and Technorati. They list a large numbers of blogs across many different unique categories.

Now that you have found some blogs within your niche, you should subscribe to their feeds. Take note of the blogs that mention topics closely related to your event. Now contact these blogs to start your promotional network.

Regional Targeting

When it comes to effective promotions, it isn’t all about visitor count. The type of person is the key factor. Consider the scope of your event. Is it local or national?

Local targeting is ideal for restaurant openings, retail sales events, local festivals and concerts, state political events, or anything else that involves only one specific town, city or state.

National targeting will need relevant high readership blogs to draw enough attention. This type of promotion is suitable for industry conferences, networking events and educational training events.

Blog promotion is just the tip of the iceberg. The effectiveness of an article is multiplied when a blog has a wide reaching Social reach. Check to see how many Facebook fans and Twitter followers a site has. Social promotion and sharing is both free and highly effective in getting the word out about your event.

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