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See What Happened to 20 Past YouTube Sensations


YouTube sensations can happen overnight, making certain faces rise to micro-fame. This article is dedicated to commemorating the first video to hit over one billion views. That video is Psy’s music video “gangnam style.” A listing of the top 20 past YouTube sensations describes their significance and impact long after their fame has gone.

For example, the first video is Antoine Dodson’s “Bed Intruders,” the video that coined the video “hide your kids, hide your wife.” Dodson has since gone on to put his music up for sale on iTunes.

Top 10 YouTube Video Sensations

1. Bed Intruders
A video about where an ecstatic man with a lisp shouts erratically at an attempted rapist through the news camera.

2. Charlie Bit My Finger
A video in which a teething child bites his older brother’s finger, and the older brother reacts erratically. Both children are British.

3. Chocolate Rain
The awkward music video to a remarkably confusing and repetitive original song about white on black racism.

4. Rebecca Black’s “Friday”
A low budget music video to an infamous original song that has an exceptionally large and active hate base.

5. David After Dentist
A home video of a young boy’s confusion after dental medication.

6. Sophia Grace and Rosie’s Home Music Videos
Especially the video in which two young white girls in tutus and tiaras mimic a Niki Minaj song.

7. Judson Laipply’s “Evolution of Dance”
Comedian Laipply performs famous dance moves through the ages to the songs they were designed to accompany.

8. Keenan Cahill’s “Teenage Wasteland”
A music video of a child with a growth disorder lip-syncing the title song expressively.

9. Fred Figglehorn’s “”Fred Goes Swimming”
One of a number of videos by this user in which he plays an original character of his own design and puts him in comedic situations.

10. Glozell’s Many Comedic Videos
Glozell parodies and critiques any number of things in a comedic manner.

Additional Sensations

1. Where the Hell is Matt
2. Jenna Marbles
3. Miss Teen South Carolina
4. Talking Twin Babies
5. Robert Wilkinson
6. Star Wars Kid
7. Daniel “Homeless” Mustard
8. Keyboard Cat
9. Maddie Kelly
10. The Real Meaning of MPH

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