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Search Engine Market Share in Asia and China


Discovering the Market Shares of Search Engine Giants

Market shares of search engine giants including Baidu, Google Chrome, Yahoo!, and Naver are now being subject to analysis and comparisons. These search engines have their own mode of movements on how they dominate the market. Some of these search engines have been dominating the market really fast while others have been holding steady and slipping. Due to the enthusiasm of online users to determine the largest search engines that make the highest market share.

The First Step

Before analyzing the market shares and statistics, it is essential that individual are familiar with what search engine and market share are all about. Search engine is defined as an online tool especially designed to search for unlimited information in the worldwide web. The information might be composed of images, files, web pages and many more. Search engines also help in mining data readily available in open directories, news books and databases.

An International Marketplace

Market share on the other hand pertains to the portion of a particular market that is controlled by a specific entity. When speaking of search engine market share, this means the intensity of search engine usage and domination in a given market. When you encounter about the market shares of search engines in Asia in 2012, you will notice how search engines dominate markets on different countries and have their particular market share. These countries include China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, India, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines.

Market Share Statistics

Different market shares of search engines are well presented on these different countries, and it can be fairly acclaimed that the percentages of market shares vary from one country to another. Taking for instance in China, the market share if Qihoo is 10%, Sogou 8% and other search engines 9%. By looking at this figure, it can be said that Qihoo is the search engine that highly dominates China. Another example is Hong Kong wherein the market share of Yahoo is 33% while other search engine’s market share is 2%. It is therefore concluded that Yahoo dominates Hong Kong more than other search engines do.

To determine the market share of search engine giants in different countries in Asia, 12 markets were examined. With a basic population of 964,000,000 internet users, it was found out that 75% of the market is dominated by Google and 25% is dominated by local search engines. The percentage of users using Google is, and 46% has been using local search engines.

In Asia, Baidu is determined to be the reigning search engine wherein out of the 374,000,000 population of online users, the market share is 39%. This is followed by Google Chrome with 38% market share based on 362,000,000 users in 11 markets. Next on the rank is Yahoo with a 4% market share originally based from 41,000,000 users in 5 particular markets, and last is Naver with 3% market share based from a population of 27,000,000 online users in one market. Upon learning all these things, individuals will realize that search engines are definitely creating a buzz on different markets, not just in Asia but all over the world.

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