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Review of the Tilted Kilt Franchise Opp and Startup Costs

Are you looking to get into the restaurant business? Are you looking for a franchise opportunity that speaks of fun from the very first moment a potential customer lays on your business? What you may wish to consider investing into is the Twisted Kilt franchise! Having fun is at the very core of what this organization brings into every community and the kind of revelry that you bring into your local neighborhood will transform the way your targeted demographics see the bar and grill concept.

If you’re ready to explore this opportunity more in-depth, then here are some of the specifics that you’ll need to know about a Tilted Kilt franchise.

How Much Does It Cost To Invest Into This Franchise?

The first Tilted Kilt opened its doors in the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV in 2003 and it quickly become the premiere restaurant destination for the area. Featuring a fusion of Irish, Scottish, English, and American concepts, your minimum investment into this franchising opportunity is going to be $737k. You’re going to need a minimum net worth of at least $2 million to qualify as a franchisee and your total initial investment to reach a grand opening could be as high as $2.8 million.

The initial franchise fee is fairly high for the restaurant industry, coming in with a lump sum of $75k. You’re also going to be need a heft amount of liquid assets at the ready, as a minimum qualification amount of $1 million is required. If you do qualify under these restrictions and you are able to put up the franchise fee, then once you achieve your grand opening, you’ll be paying a 6% ongoing royalty for the right to use the trademarks and logos of Tilted Kilt.

Even though the entry fees may be a bit high, the revenues from this niche part of the restaurant industry are substantial. Hooters, a competitor in this area, cleared nearly $1 billion of total revenue from its 385 locations and that was in 2011. If you want a chunk of this massive financial pie, this is an excellent opportunity to make that happen for franchisees that qualify. There are only about 60 total franchises in operation today and a majority of them exist in the Chicago, IL market.

You’ll also be entering a field of Old World food that isn’t available very often in the US, yet is still quite popular amongst the targeted demographic. It begins with the 10 ounce “Big Arse” burgers that are served regularly. There’s also the popular Shepherd’s Pie, drunken clams, and the trademark Gaelic chicken that will be going onto the menu.

The other trademark of this pub concept is to have modern technology and fun at the fingertips of the customers. Large LED televisions play local sports or favorite shows while the sexy costumes and funny limericks that line the walls invite people to kick back in an uninhibited way. The whole goal is to have responsible fun and that’s what your investment into this franchise can bring for your community.

What Kind of Support Is Received?

Franchisees begin receiving support as soon as the franchising agreements are signed. It begins with location assistance as Tilted Kilt will help you scout out the locations in your community that have the highest amount of traffic. If you have an existing location already, the corporation will need to approve it before beginning the build-out process. You’ll also receive assistance in that area thanks to a number of helpful vendor relationships that the organization has.

You’ll also receive assistance in the development of your restaurant. Specific building plans and blueprints are made available for local submission so that you can get the building process off on the right foot. Tilted Kilt will be with you every step of the way to make sure that you achieve the proven atmosphere that has made this such a popular, growing franchise across the United States.

As the building commences, you’ll be invited to the corporation’s headquarters in Tempe, AZ for a comprehensive 5 weeks of training. The atmosphere, food, and fun that this franchise opportunity offers customers is scripted to make sure there is a consistent experience had, no matter where a customer chooses to enter a Tilted Kilt. Whether it is Las Vegas, Chicago, or your own community, the goal of this training is get you through the operations manual so brand consistency can be achieved. You’ll also receive extensive hands-on training in a training location so you can see the front and back of the operation first-hand.

Most importantly, you’ll learn the standards that are expected of the expeditor during the serving process. Premium prices are charged at the Tilted Kilt because a premium service is demanded of franchisees. The margins are high, so each individual franchisee must have standards that are even higher.

How Good Is This Investment Opportunity?

If you have the ability to meet the financial qualifications of this franchise opportunity, then it could be just the thing you’ve been wanting for your portfolio. There is an emphasis in this organization to developed units internationally, so if that’s also your emphasis, an investment could be just the beginning of a very profitable relationship.

The goal of this organization is to be the most entertaining, most exciting, and most recognizable sports pub in America and eventually around the world. They’re looking for specific people who are going to be on-board with growing the brand. Although the franchise fees are higher than normal, as is the ongoing corporate royalty, the results are undeniable.

If your community could utilize a franchise that invites people back every time with a comforting, fun atmosphere, then this is the perfect investment opportunity. Everyone should be welcomed at the Tilted Kilt, whether they have just gotten off from a hard day of work or they just negotiated an eight figure business contract. Provide that and you’ll have a business venture that could become profitable right away.

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