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10 Incredible Ways Our Brain is Hardwired for Motivation


Human psychology is a wonderful subject. Those who study psychology not only understand the subject better but also get a comprehensive idea of their own self. It is after all, human psychology that frequently defines us. It is psychology that tells us who we are, what we want and what we must do. From abiding by traditional customs to breaking the rules and changing the game, everything is actually steered by our psychology.

Successful people often say that it is necessary to find oneself and understand what one truly wants before venturing out into the world trying to achieve it. Understanding who you are is at the very quintessential crux of life. It is only through psychology that you can relate to your inner self, to your conscious and subconscious thoughts. Exploring the finer details of how our brain is wired and how it dictates what we should do and how is a fascinating domain.

Everyday Psychology is a sneak peek into some basic facts about how our brain is wired and what the priorities of our inner self are. Acquiring wealth, succeeding in whatever profession we are in, gaining a certain social stature and being loved by most among the sundry are some popular objectives of most people. But the brain is wired differently. It doesn’t crave for social stature or amassing of fortunes. It basically wants food, wants to reproduce and intends to stay safe. These are the three basic wishes of the human brain. It is only after these three are ensured that one can tread onto the secondary wishes or wants. The secondary wishes or wants can be anything, from having a desire to become famous to being passionate about something. Once you understand and accept how your brain works and what your psychological bent is, it is far simpler to realize what you want, why you want it and how you should try and get it.

Everyday Psychology will offer you some very interesting realities about your mind. If you wanted to take a look at the inner workings of your mind, then this brief but well explained info-graphic will certainly offer you that. Whether you are doing amazingly well or you are struggling to get what you want, you can always pause for a moment, wonder what is going on in your mind and take adequate steps to make amends so you can make the right choices and succeed.

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