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Review of the Sweet and Sassy Franchise Opp and Startup Costs

Are the children of your community in need of a fun, safe place to have a good time? Do you love to give kids the confidence they sometimes need with their outward appearance? With a Sweet and Sassy franchise, you’ll be able to do all of that and a lot more too! It is a one-stop shop for everything that your local kids will need to feel and look good. It’s a salon, a spa, a place for parties, and there’s an extensive retail selection as well. Ear piercing is done at franchise locations and limo services are even provided.

How good is this investment opportunity? How much of an initial investment would you need to plan on making? And do you receive the support that you need as a franchisee to get your business up and running right away?

What Is the Initial Investment Into This Franchise?

The initial investment into a Sweet and Sassy franchise is a minimum of $425k. The focus on this environment is to create a high-end experience and so location is incredibly important to this organization. Not only will you need to provide proven success in running a retail environment, but there must also be a passion in helping kids make their dreams come true to provide everyone with one of their very best of days with every visit.

Sweet and Sassy also has a minimum liquid capital investment requirement of $100k. You’ll also need to have a minimum of $350k in net worth that can be verified during the vetting process. According to Dixie Drake-Davis, however, who is the CEO of the organization, customer service is the primary selection factor in selecting a franchisee. There’s also a minimum of 3,000 square feet required for each location because of the many stations that are required. Not only are there several salon stations, but there is a spa area, the retail store, an ear-piercing area, and a party place.

There is also a franchise fee and an ongoing royalty that will be required of all investors. These fees are discussed on an individualized basis and only if you can meet the initial financial requirements that are listed above.

What Kind of Support Is Received?

The advantage of owning a Sweet and Sassy franchise is that you get the opportunity to make little girls [and sometimes boys] feel like royalty. In order to achieve this, you will receive training in a way that emphasizes the needs of the customers. Each location is specifically designed to provide a fun, upbeat atmosphere that kids are going to love.

It all starts with an extensive level of training that is provided at their flagship training locations. You’ll get a comprehensive look at the entire business model and go through the operations manual thoroughly. You’ll also receive training and support at your franchise location as you prepare for your grand opening and then there’s a commitment to ongoing support as your presence begins to grow in your community.

Sweet and Sassy also handles all of the vendor requirements for your store. The organization will supply you with merchandise that provides the sweet and sassy atmosphere that is so loved about each location, but is also unique enough that it will entice a purchase. All of the items that will be shipped to your new franchise are those that have proven to be popular.

This organization also provides a wide array of advertising materials to each franchise location so that the looks of each campaign can be updated regularly. This includes more than just advertising slicks. You’ll also receive materials that will complete your internal and external looks, including:

• Window displays.
• Visual displays.
• Items to assist with marketing strategy.

This is all done to provide the best experience every time for every customer. The goal is to be the premiere destination for young girls and tweens so that they can always feel beautiful. For some, that might be the main reason to invest into this franchise opportunity!

How Good Is This Investment?

The business model for this franchise could be tough on some investors. Some communities already have plenty of spa options that have kid-friendly atmospheres that make pampering fun. The idea behind this model is to provide an all-in-one experience that includes limo service for a fair, competitive price, but it is an upscale service that won’t attract low-income families very often.

If you don’t have an upscale spa or salon in your community, however, this could be the perfect investment to make. The parties will make a big splash with your local kids because who doesn’t like getting a full makeover with cake and pictures? There’s also the added benefit of the retail concept of the business, plus the full-service haircuts, braids, and other hair styles can be created. Add in a few gourmet lollies and a little fairy dust for fun and your local kids are going to have an excellent time!

The one warning sign with this franchise opportunity is the fact that there are a few locations that are closing because of the cost structure that was put into place. It is true that will all of these services being provided, you’ll have a lot of overhead costs. There’s the pink limo with the insurance and liability, all of the staffing required that requires specialized skills, so higher salaries, plus the larger retail location minimums than other businesses. Add the retail inventory costs and it may not be very manageable for a number of investors.

If you have experience in this field, however, and you have a passion to provide a high level of customer service, this could be the right investment to make. If you’re interested in finding out more about this opportunity, you’ll need to contact Sweet and Sassy directly with an inquiry and be able to meet the financial minimums to continue discussing this unique franchise opportunity.

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