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Review of the Coverall Cleaning Franchise Opp and Startup Costs

One of the fastest growing areas of employment in the United States is in the janitorial industry. There’s a worldwide demand for janitorial services and although the industry isn’t necessarily recession-proof, there is often a need for a professional janitorial representative to maintain the cleanliness of an organization or business. Using a proven franchising model, Coverall provides a health-based cleaning system to promote economic success in a diverse array of people from every background.

How good is a Coverall franchise?
• It’s a Dun & Bradstreet Top 100 All Star franchise.
• It’s ranked as the #2 franchise for a veteran to own by a military publication.
• It’s ranked as a Top 50 franchise for minority owners.

In many ways, becoming a Coverall franchisee is like becoming an independent contractor. You get to control the amount of work that you take on every day. Coverall works with you to adopt janitorial best practices and has certain expectations that must be met to adequately represent their brand, but you do the work. Are you ready to join an industry that last year generated over $2 trillion in revenues?

How Much Does It Cost To Start a Coverall Franchise?

There is a three-tiered level to the franchising opportunity that is available to potential investors. It all depends on the level of investment you wish to make and your overall business plans. There are broken down into three general categories: entry-level, intermediate, and executive. There are also master franchises and territorial franchises available as well, though these two options are generally only available in metropolitan areas.

The advantage of the master franchise is that Coverall will provide you with an initial base of customers so that you can begin working immediately in an exclusive territory. The territorial franchise provides only the exclusive territory. The tiered franchises, on the other hand, provide no exclusivity, but also can be run in any sized community.

The maximum franchise fee to pay is $37,000, while the minimum is just $9,120. Because a franchise can be operated out of a home office, the initial investments are kept to a minimum in many instances and simply require the purchase of equipment and cleaning supplies. Depending on the janitorial contract that you get, this may involve specialized equipment that could cost several thousand dollars, which you would then budget into your bidding process.

Coverall does require that a positive net worth be proven in order for a franchise to be awared. The minimum amount is $12,000 for a basic franchise, while the master or territorial franchises have a minimum of $40,000 although this amount can vary based on the value of money within the region. There must be an equal amount of liquid cash assets available as well and this is to cover the overhead costs that are associated with a janitorial business. Absentee ownership is permitted, but 9 out of 10 franchise owners are also operators of their business.

Financing is available through Coverall to those who qualify.

How Extensive is the Coverall Brand?

Coverall is a worldwide janitorial brand with over 9,000 total franchises in all. There are several exclusive territories that have already been awarded, including coverage of entire countries in some cases! In order for your franchise request to be approved, you’ll need to meet with a Coverall general manager to discuss the logistics of your plans and have your overall finances examined. If you need financing assistance, this process will begin as well.

Coverall will also help you develop an effective business plan based on their proven model of success. This may include help located contracts upon which bids can be placed, how to create a competitive bid, and how to properly service a client once a contract has been signed. Knowing how to rotate cleaning inventories, invest in specialized products, and secure training on janitorial equipment is also part of the typical business plan.

As your business begins, develops, and eventually grows, you’ll be able to continue to utilize the expertise that Coverall can provide. They’ll work with you during each step of the process as you set your own hours and take on the work that you want. To help with the training process, online webinars are always available, there is an online training module, and in-house training will help cover the basics of everything from financial responsibilities to the best way to clean a countertop. There are generally 13 classes offered to new franchisees and this takes about 6-7 weeks to fully complete.

Is a Coverall Franchise the Right Investment To Make?

Although the janitorial industry is experiencing fast growth and there is some recession-proof characteristics to this industry, it isn’t always the right industry to invest in. Most owners are also working contracts or are involved in the daily operations of their business in some way and this means cleaning up things that you normally wouldn’t want to touch even with a gloved hand! You’ll also be responsible for quality control, which means you’ll need an extensive set of janitorial knowledge on hand to make sure the job is being done right the first time.

If you can follow the best practices of janitorial work, then this business opportunity could be a very lucrative one for you. By investing into the Coverall franchise, you’re associating yourself with an organization that has a sterling reputation within the janitorial industry and you’ll give yourself instant credibility when approaching potential customers in the future. With help from Coverall to find customers based on your unique franchise agreement and the other assistance that is provided, it is clear to see why this franchise is one of the consistently highest ranked franchises in the world today!

If you’re ready to get started, the first step in the process is to learn more about Coverall to see if you and them will become a good fit. If so, then fill out the free application that Coverall provides, get more information about the janitorial needs of your community, and begin the process of becoming your own boss!

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