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Repugnance and 4 Other Factors of the Psychology of Attraction


How Is Attractiveness Really Defined?

Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to certain people, particular things, or even specific foods? Many people simply write off these as personal preferences, but the reality is that the attractions we have all have some common ground with each other. There are certain things that are biologically attractive to humanity and it is these attractions, combined with our unique perceptions of these attractions, that builds our personal preferences.

These Are the Cornerstones of Attractiveness

There are three primary visual components that create a feeling of attractiveness within each of us. Even for those with visual impairments, their mental image of these components that they see through their other senses are the same! For something to be truly attractive, it must have:

Pleasing colors: Humans react very strongly to specific colors. Some colors create intense feelings of aggression within the human body. Other colors can create a mood that is chill and relaxed. Authority, power, and joy can all be expressed through color as well! The color blue has even been shown to lower blood pressure. Based on our personal color preferences, one of the basic levels of attractiveness that we perceive is color based.

Symmetry: Humans are attracted to things that are symmetrical and level. Just imagine walking into a room that as two crooked pictures hanging on the wall. Isn’t there a desire to straighten those pictures because it is a distraction to see them hanging crookedly? Rather than being symmetrical proportionally, what humans are instinctively attracted to is a left/right proportional dynamic. This creates a pleasing levelness to a person’s features, to the artwork in a room, or the door jamb that is being installed and this then creates an emotion of satisfaction. Even babies will stare at the picture of someone who has symmetrical features longer than someone with asymmetrical features.

Shapes: Humans are inherently attracted to the shape of things as well. Each kind of shape has a specific subconscious meaning to each person. A triangle, for example, would represent balance. A circle, on the other hand, would represent warmth or completeness. These shapes are found everywhere:

• in the structure of someone’s face.
• in the foods that we eat.
• in the television shows we watch.
• in our outside environments in plants and animals.

Why Is Knowing This Important?

Based on these three cornerstones of attractiveness, each person develops their own preferences based on what they find to be attractive. For this reason, some people are attracted to others who have blue eyes. Others find blue eyes to be unattractive. By recognizing what features attract you to people, foods, and everything else this world has to offer, you’ll be able to avoid the things that repulse you. If you can do that, you’ll find that life seems to be a lot more pleasing!

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