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Quick Guide to Social Media Graphic Sizes


If you’re regularly on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media site, you know that it’s common to use graphics on your home page, stories you post, and everywhere else. The challenge with these graphics is that they need to be sized appropriately to show up properly on the page. It’s not unusual to see a Facebook cover photo that is off-center or poorly placed, or to get frustrated when you try to upload a profile picture and are told it’s too big.

Knowing the sizes for the most popular sites can help you to find the right picture and ensure they’re placed properly on your social media sites. Here is a handy cheat sheet for common social media graphic sizing that might help.


Your profile picture should be 160×160 pixels and it will display as 180×180, with a thin white border around it. If you upload anything larger you’ll need to crop it down and it may not compress properly. The cover photo is 851×315 pixels. The profile picture you use will be 667 pixels to the left of the right border, and there is a 16 pixel gap on the left of the profile picture. This is good to remember if you want to put wording on your cover photos, such as the name of a company or event. Be sure you space it far enough to the right so that the profile picture doesn’t cover it.


The Twitter header image is 1500×1500 pixels. The profile picture is 400×400 pixels. The feed of tweets is 870 pixels wide, so be careful about uploading larger or wide photos as they need to be opened on the feed to be seen any larger than this.


For your profile, a large thumbnail on Instagram is 410×410 pixels and a small thumbnail is 205×205 pixels. A profile picture on Instagram is 110×110 pixels. For pictures that are uploaded, a thumbnail is 161×161 pixels. For the photo feed, each large photo is 510×510 pixels. These too may need to be resized and compressed if they are any larger, and smaller picture may come out uneven.


Because LinkedIn is used for business, it’s important to have pictures done properly. A horizontal logo is 100×60 pixels and the company comment logo to the right is 50×50 pixels. The cover photo is 646×220 pixels and the careers cover photo is 974×238 pixels.

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