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Prestashop vs. Magento vs. Opencart Comparison

Prestashop vs. Magento

Detailed Comparison of Ecommerce Systems

A breakdown of comparison between Ecommerce systems Magneto, Pretashop, and Opencart.


With respect to ecommerce shopping cart market, magneto is a leader. Magneto provides online retailers control over the functionality of their stores. Magneto is an excellent software, here are some of its attributes.

• Product suggestion tools with reviews and ratings.
• It targets promotion and marketing.
• Customer divisions.
• Optimization of the search engines.
• Diverse payment options with respect to shipping options.


This is an award winning platform for cart shopping with a vast online community featuring 125,000 members. Here are some feature of Prestashop;

• Excellent Site management.
• Search Engine Optimization.
• Comprehensive reporting of analytics.
• Localisation/Taxes.
• Shipping and payments.


This is a free open source ecommerce platform for online retailers. It offers a huge variety for functionalities. It provides excellent foundation for online retailers who are on the search for store with a feel of professionalism and functionality. Here are some of its features:

• It is open source.
• Diverse language, currency and store.
• Features product reviews and ratings.
• Search Engine optimization.
• Backup and restore tools.
• Sales report and error logging.

Based on Google trend, up from a start off in 2008, here is the search interest in 2012. Magneto has 96, Prestashop stands at 56 while open cart stands at 30.

Other areas of comparison

1. Release Date
Prestashop was released in August of 2007. It was started by Igor Schlumberger and Bruno Leveque. Magneto was released in March of 2008 and it was started by Varien while open cart began operation in 2010 and was started by Daniel Kerr.

2. Number of Versions
Prestashop has seven (7) versions, Magneto has fifteen (15) versions while Opencart has twenty eight (28).

3. Latest Version
For Prestashop, the latest version was version and was released on December 31st, 2012, for magneto, the latest version was version and was released on the 5th of July, 2012 while for opencart, the latest version was and was released on the 22nd of January 2013.

4. Number of Extended Plugins
Prestashop has over 1000, Magneto has over 1500 while opencart has over 9000.

5. Number of online stores
Prestashop has 135,000 online stores, Magneto has 1,500,000 while opencart has none.

6. Popular sites using this platforms.
Prestashop is used by vusion glasses, planet sushi and the fab shoes. Magneto is used by Nike AU and UK, NorthFace and Behr, Opencart is used by British Red Cross, Christmas Chop and computer store.

7. Number of twitter followers
Prestashop has 11,267 twitter followers, Magneto has 33,776 twitter followers while opencart has 421 followers on twitter.

8. Number of Facebook likes
Prestashop has 27,914 likes, Magneto has 6,938 while Opencart has 679 likes on Facebook.

9. Types of software
All three platforms operates an Open-Source software.

10. Most Popular Country
For Prestashop, here are the most common countries in which it are used: France, Spain, Indonesia and Czech Republic. For Magneto, it is used in India, Netherlands, Germany and Ukraine. For Opencart, it is used in Ukraine, Indonesia, Russia and Czech Republic.

11. Average Monthly maintenance cost
On the average, $200, $300 and $100 are spent respectively on maintenance by Prestashop, Magneto and Opencart.

12. Exact Global Monthly Google Search
For Prestashop, it is 165,000, for Magneto, it is 201,000 and for Opencart, it is 90,500.

13. Total Searches on Google
For Prestashop, it is 16,700,000, for Magneto, it is 43,100,000 while for Opencart, it is 10,800,000.

14. SEO Friendliness
On a Five Star Rating, Prestashop has a three star rating, Magneto has a five star rating while Opencart has a 3 star rating.

15. Ease of Installation
Opencart and Prestashop are easy to install while Magneto is moderately easy.

16. Ease of Customisation
Opencart and Prestashop are easy to customize while Magneto is moderately easy.

17. Number of Features
Prestashop has over 310, Magneto has over 350 while Opencart has over 100 features.

18. Suitable Hosting Solutions
For all three platforms, it is Shared, Cloud, VPS and dedicated.

19. PCI Compliance Support
All three platforms are PCI compliant.

20. Recommended For who
Prestashop is recommended for Store Owners, Developers and designers. Magneto is recommended for Enterprises, Store Owners and Developers while
Opencart is recommended for Store owns, developers and designers.

In conclusion, which shopping cart is best? This depends on different factors. Based on popularity and market share, here is the rankings.
• Magneto – The Leader
• Prestashop – First Runner Up
• Opencart – Second Runner Up

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