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Pinterest vs. Facebook

Pinterest vs. Facebook

Notable Mentions for Marketing on Facebook and Pinterest

Facebook and Pinterest go hand in hand in marketing as each has its own role to play for a website or a company profile. Many businesses today are using these two to create a basis of attracting more traffic, as well as creating relevance to their target audience. Although both are social sites for promoting and indulging more traffic to users especially marketers, a few notable factors can be identified from the two, which can be used for a marketing benefit in a company. Here are some of the most influential factors about Pinterest and Facebook.


Capital is very important for a marketing campaign, as it determines how much will be done for the campaign to be effective. It is estimates that, people who use Pinterest as a marketing tool spend more than their counterparts who use Facebook. Factually, Facebook marketers spend half the amount a Pinterest marketer would spend for a marketing campaign. This is based on the revenue spent versus the ration in which the return on investment will be realized.

Sales and Influence

Pinterest is mostly used by businesses whose main aim is to make as much sales as they can. Although Facebook as a higher amount of traffic as compared to Pinterest, marketing with Pinterest offers more gains than Facebook. While a Facebook marketer will influence 7% of the target audience to buy, Pinterest influences more than 10% on ROI. The reason why Facebook does not perform well here could be because most of the people using Facebook are not merchants or business oriented as Pinterest users. When it comes to influencing new customers from a marketing campaign, Pinterest has the greatest influence as compared to Facebook. This too could be because Pinterest majors on visual advertisements, which are richer and have a higher capability to drive sales than text advertisements.

Audience and Engagement

For a marketing campaign to sell and hit the targets, the marketer needs to engage visitors and clients for as long as it takes. Facebook has the highest returns on investment in marketing when it comes to client engagement. This is because the platform itself is excellent enough for client and customers to engage with the seller directly for more information and updates. The time spend to engage uses online with Facebook is less than the time a marketer would require to engage users through Pinterest.

Conversations and ROI

For a marketing campaign to be considered fruitful and yield fruits, it needs to have higher conversion rates and giver higher returns in terms of profits. This means that, the money spend to advertise and engage users to buy a certain brand should be higher. Facebook takes it all in this sector because, marketing via Facebook not only engages an unwilling customer to be a loyal customer, but is cheaper too. Pinterest hurts a business especially when it comes to conversions, because the price to pay to advertise through this medium is too much. Although the medium of advertisement is rich, the conversions are poor.

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