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Optimizing Snippet Text in the Email Subject Line


Here are some important takeaways to remember from this infographic.

1) Understand the Relationship You Have With Your Customers.
In the world of advertising and marketing, there are many things businesses can do to improve their business. From producing ads, to marketing their product effectively, many lessons and tips can be optimized in order to maximize the effectiveness of the business. Many businesses depend on email as a way to source advertisement for their business, but not every company uses this advantage fully to their benefit. A good tool for many business is the use of the “second subject line”, which is using snippet text in order to brand your business. By using the second subject line effectively, you may find business booming as a result.

2) Effective Use the Second Subject Line.
In order to use the second subject line, you should look to support your original subject line, without repeating it. For example, if your business specializes in shoes, and you want to tell of a discount price, add to the subject without copying it. The main subject would be the discount (30% for example), and the second subject would describe what this discount was, and what products are exempt from the discount.

3) Put More Thought Into Capturing Attention.
The second subject should be detailed, but kept basic and short, so that you aren’t losing your customer’s attention. You will need to supply the subscriber with valuable information in order for them to click on the advertisement, and possibly intrigue them to learn more about the discount or subject.

4) Give Your Reader a Reason.
Before you optimize the snippet text, however, you need to make sure your subject header is clear and define. This will allow the subscriber to understand what you are offering to them, and it will give them a reason to stay subscribed to your email list. Without a intriguing or interesting snippet text, you may find that your emails will never be opened. Chances are the customer is receiving several emails daily, and since emails are slowly being overruled with other forms of communication, you will need to have a strong message to the subscriber.

5) Utilize a Call to Action.
Call to actions are valuable to snippet texts, phrases like “buy now” or “shop now before it’s too late”, are good commands for the customer in order for them to shop at your business. A good snippet text may increase your business flow, but a bad snippet text may have an opposite effect in which the customer discontinues your service both in business and email publication.

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