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New Media Branding Statistics, Examples, and Trends

New Media Branding Statistics, Examples, and Trends

The New Playground of Advertising

Year by year, advertising has seen vast changes occurring thanks to ever changing technologies. No part of the online ecosystem is left untouched. Within the last few years, deep transformations have occurred seeing four primary key shifts.

1. Changing Objectives

Advertising has seen the biggest shift occur in objectives. A changing landscape means a shift seen in priorities. In the past, mass marketing was primarily focused on delivering messages to consumers. Now, the new media era has made a call for increased engagement between brands and consumers causing conversations to be initiated and draw attention in.

2. New Channels

Advertisers use to focus primarily on television, radio, print, or out home methods of reaching consumers. Now there is a need to reach across all channels and convert to new formats such as video, audio, still imagery, and applications. As a result of using a more diverse framework, advertisers are able to extend the run of various formats and increase brand linkage association with consumers.

Online Formats Statistics
• Repurposed TV ads see a 10% increase in brand.
• Web original video ads see a 15% increase in brand.
• Flash animation or interactive ads see a 25% increase in brand.

The increase in consumers watching more videos allows them to be exposed to more in-stream, in-banner, and in-text video advertising methods. This market penetration has increased over the last five years from 59.2% to 80.6%.

3. Mobile Technology Impact

Mobile technology has opened up a doorway to increased accessibility to the internet and more time spent online by users. Traditional advertising methods were limited to delivering a brands message through fixed points in advertising such as a commercial or print ad. However, with mobile technology, new media advertising allows for countless opportunities to deliver content to consumers on the go.

Mobile Trends
This industry has seen an increase as more consumers are using phones to access content than ever below and advertisers seek the opportunity to grasp attention between texts and in apps. A total of 82 million Americans access the web on their phones with 31% of all mobile subscribers now having smartphones. The average smartphone users download 27 apps. With this new opportunity, advertisers have spent increasing dollars each year on advertising by display, search, and messaging formats in the last five years.

4. Outbound to Inbound Advertising Methods

Old media driven methods were focused on outbound messages to consumers through methods of broadcast. In today’s time, consumers embrace inbound methods where they have the option to access information on their own through websites, mobile apps, and on demand content.

Popular Channels for Inbound Advertising
Here is a look at the five most popular ways consumers’ access content.

1. Social Media
2. On-Demand Video
3. Mobile Apps
4. Blogs
5. Forums

Social Brands
Here is a look at some of the most popular social media brands consumers associate with illustrating the importance for companies to engage existing customers and attract new customers by establishing a social presence online.

Companies who acquired new customers found:
• 46% of them were due to a company blog.
• 41% through LinkedIn.
• 41% through Facebook.
• 41% through Twitter.

Most Popular App Type
Consumers with smartphones access a variety of content. Brands look to advertise within the mobile app marketplace. Here is a look at the ten most popular app types consumers choose.

1. Games
2. Weather
3. Maps/Navigation/Search
4. Social Networking
5. Music
6. News
7. Entertainment
8. Banking/Finance
9. Dining/Restaurant
10. Sports

Following shortly behind are additional app types such as travel, food and drink, movies, shopping and retail, lifestyle, and household personal care related apps. The changing landscape of advertising has posed many challenges to traditional advertisers, but also opens up a whole new world to new media advertisers if they take advantage of current consumer behaviors and habits.

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