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Net Worth of Joy Mangano

Joy Mangano

Joy Mangano is an award winning entrepreneur and inventor from New York whom is known for her household products the Miracle Mop and Huggable Hangers. She is also the President of Ingenious Design. Her creative nature has landed her the following success.

Net Worth: $50 Million

Most Popular Quotes by Joy Mangano

“I’ve always been a gadgety inventory and I’m a numbers-science person.”

“Oh my gosh, when I was a little girl, I blew up my parents’ toaster working on it.”

“There are those ‘aha’ moments in the night. I sleep with a recorder and pad by my bed.”

“If you tied my hands behind my back, I could’t talk.”

“My three children, that is my biggest accomplishment.”

“It came to me. A self-wringing mop! It sounds so easy. It changed the entire stick good industry with an easy twist.”

“QVC took a chance and put me on. As I stood at the stage demonstrating the mop, the phones went crazy and we sold out every last one. It was an amazing and life-changing moment that I will never forget.”

“I will always continue to design and invent extraordinary and innovative new products for consumers.”

“I never thought I would be in this place, all because of a mop. I am truly living the American Dream.”

The Inventor

Joy Mangano’s joy for reinventing things started as a teenager. Working in an animal hospital she came up with the idea of creating a fluorescent flea collar to protect pets. Having never brought the idea to live, another company created a similar product a year later. She vowed to never let another idea slip through her hands again. Having obtained a Business Administration Degree and working to support her family, she invented the Miracle Mop.

This invention eventually made its way to the shopping channel QVC, selling just 18,000 mops in 20 minutes. Ten years after its original launch, Mangano sold $10 million worth of Miracle Mops each year.

Huggable hangers came next on the list which sold more than $300 million and was endorsed by Oprah Winfrey. A regular appearance on the Home Shopping Network, Mangano was able to build relationships with several celebrities and publicize their products on the shopping channel. She quickly received recognition as the Long Island Entrepreneur of the Year. She currently holds more than 100 patents for her inventions.

Additional business successes include the ownership of a New York restaurant called “Porto Vivo.”

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